João Pontes

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Clan Setites
Position Archon
Status 3+2
Domain None
Coterie Oxumaré Cult
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Estevam Barros


Osé, Deacon of Typhon

Osé, True Coral Snake

Real Name: João Carlos Pontes

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Citizen

Physical description: 1,70m fat guy (100kg), pale face, black hair and beard. Have many tatoos in body. Always use sunglasses and a Brajá (symbol of Oxumaré).

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Lucas Belfort de Corazón, Prince of Rio de Janeiro
  • Well-Known by Betão, Prince of Nova Helvecia
  • Cherished by Andreas Von Rothchild, former Primogen of Nova Enoch and Nova Helvecia
  • Enpowered and Feared Archon in service of Lord Justicar Jaroslav Pascek

Character Information

Pontes (on right)

Known History

Pharmacist and master in toxicology, embraced in Rio de Janeiro in 1850. In mortal life, have some influence in mortal politics as corrupted Vereador.


- The Oxumaré Cult


Setites have no allies, just clients...


Many... many hates setites... including others setites...


Armand, Setite Primogen of Rio de Janeiro


Jaqueline Silveira


Character Inspirations

Myself if I was a vampire =D


Before I forget - Slipknot

The World is Mine - David Gueta

Fear of the Dark - Van Canto

Amenti - Alexandra Wiltshire

Face the Pain - Stemme

Simpathy of the Devil - Rolling Stones


Pontes in Giovanni Poker

"Maybe it is time to make a debt. I can offer to you what you need to solve this problem"


- Lost 2 unauthorized creation children in Giovanni Poker

- He have addiction in poker games

- He is a part of Oxumaré cult

- He is a agent of Brujah Justicar

- He is a Archon of Brujah Office

- He dies in Caxias do Sul