Noah Callahan

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Clan Gangrel
Position Deceased
Status 1
Domain St. Augustine, FL
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Joshua W.


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Real Name: Noah Callahan

Apparent Age: 19

Concept: Farmboy struggling to control his Beast.

Physical description: 6' 4", 200 lbs, broad-shouldered and solidly built. Light brown hair, brown eyes, perpetual farmer's tan from prior to the embrace.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Born in Nebraska. Embraced in the woods near his hometown of Loup City and left, as some Gangrel are. He observed lupines from afar and took on many of their traits and mannerisms, though struggled with his first few months of survival. Discovered by one Jericho Mycroft of Clan Toreador, Noah and Jericho became fast allies, as the Toreador set about making it his personal goal to teach Noah the ways of the Camarilla. While Noah did attain Acknowledgement, he struggled with his Beast since- especially on nights when the moon was full.

After making their way to St. Augustine, Florida, Noah was put under a "second Accounting" under the insistance of the local Assamites. Noah and Jericho's arrival was quite controversial to the members of the Domain, as Noah entered Elysium for the first time, clad in a silver metal collar. Many were outraged at Jericho for this, but Noah seemed to insist that it was "for the best."

Noah worked to assist the Domain in any way possible at times, remaining ever the cordial and polite farmboy, despite his occasional control issues. In a dismaying turn of events regarding a local unknown force, Noah met Final Death at the hands of a powerful Lasombra.



Jericho Mycroft Vladimir









Character Inspirations

A hat and pair of boots I own.

The awesome roleplay opportunities taking a crapton of Flaws provides!


Simple Man - Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Animal - Disturbed

Ain't Goin' Down ('Til The Sun Comes Up) - Garth Brooks

Hurt - Johnny Cash

Hold On - Tom Waits



Noah isn't dead.