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Clan Gangrel
Position Harpy
Status 2+1+5
Domain Stockton, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Nny Elmore


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Kim Cloud

Real Name:

Ti Nung Cha Janlueang

Apparent Age:

Mid to late teens


Outsider, Traveler

Physical description:

Tall and athletically built, other features of her appearance varies either with use of Mask or make-up. Her hair ranges from black to silvery white to blue. Her eyes are probably naturally dark brown, but have been seen as blue or even golden. She is almost always seen with feathers in her hair along with various streaks of colors. Her personal fashion varies depending on where she is and what she will be doing. When not Masked she has a large fluffy Clouded Leopard tail visible.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by then Prince Elliot Maxwell of New Haven, CA
  • Dutiful by Prince Cody Chase of Stockton
  • Influential as Harpy of Stockton
  • Dedicated, Dedicated, Dutiful, Dutiful and Cherished on loan as Harpy

Character Information

Known History

Born in Bangkok, Thailand to a Thai mother and British father she came to America as an exchange student. The story of her Embrace while not secret is not publicly known outside that her Sire is an Independent. After spending a period of time as an Independent she decided to join the Camarilla and was briefly under the Accounting of a Malkavian named Tammarick Parker.

Nim moved to Amador, CA eventually becoming Primogen of her Clan. When the domain fell to lupines Nim stayed behind, one of the very few Kindred that did and survived. After a year and a half she moved to Sacramento. Nim currently travels between Sacramento and Stockton.





  • There are some whom don’t seem to like her much, but she ignores them.


She Who Burns as the Sun, aka Sunny



Way too many.

Character Inspirations

  • San from Princess Mononoke
  • Sangha from Two Brothers
  • Hanna Heller from Hanna



“Diablerie, Amaranth, Hell call it eating cupcakes if you really want to. Point is that you did it.”

"I'm a cat and cats are assholes, that’s why."

“No, the Tremere’s blood wasn’t in my mouth, it was on my claws.”

“What? Oh, the collar and leash will make sense in a moment.”

“Don’t tempt me – really it’s not that fun, I am too easy.”


  • Was actually Embraced in Bangkok, Thailand during Sunny’s and Shanghai Kelly’s drunken Eastern escapades. Which one is actually her Sire is unknown and a source of heated debate.
  • Is able to talk to Eastern gods and spirits.
  • Is actually a Kuei Jin.
  • Her collection of random trinkets are really the fetters of wraiths.
  • Is a good source of information so long as you pay her attention.
  • Known to Torpor Kindred that try and get her to chase a laser pointer .
  • Is a pet of the Tremere - literally, there is more than one oversized cat bed with her name on it in the chantries of Northern California.
  • I am Prosymnus.