Nick Clemente

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Clan Malkavian
Position Archon
Status 5+1+3
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Rob M.


Alias(es): Nick; Worm, per William Biltmore; Numerous online handles; UnderMySkin99;
Real Name: Nicholas Clemente

Apparent Age: ~30

Concept: Morgellons-infested Deep Web conspiracy hacker

Physical description: Nick is a thin, pale man in his early 30's, with a constantly nervous presence. His short, dark brown hair is usually mussed and his face is unshaven. He seems constantly twitchy and exhausted, with dark bags under his eyes and sunken, hollow cheeks. His pale skin shows he rarely saw the sun, even in life, though there's still a faint blush of health to him. The skin of his body is lightly scarred and pockmarked from decades of scratching, itching, and picking at the parasites he is sure writhe inside of him. His brown eyes dart feverishly from one place to another, always anxious; in the rare moments he's calm they seem unusually kind.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Quentin King III of New Britain, CT
Chivalrous by Prince Quentin King III of New Britain, CT
Resourceful by Primogen Brian Buckley of Hartford, CT
Stalwart, by Prince Frederick Gold of Hartford, CT
Loyal, by Prince Frederick Gold of Hartford
Dedicated as a Specialist
Empowered as an Archon by Justicar Maris Streck
Feared as an Archon by Justicar Maris Streck
Loyal as an Archon by Justicar Maris Streck

Character Information

Known History

Nick showed up out of nowhere in Hartford, CT, in October of 2016, claiming to be newly "turned into a vampire." Supposedly having found out about vampires on the Internet, he claims that he asked someone on Reddit to Embrace him in a desperate attempt to cure his out-of-control Morgellons disease. Though no one could determine who had actually Embraced Nick, he was placed under Accounting and adopted into the Hartford Domain.

After just a few months, Prince Quentin King III of New Britain Acknowledged the young neonate as a political middle finger to Hartford's Prince Gold. Since then, Nick has been endeavoring his best to help the Domain where he can.

During the Hartford, CT, Conclave in late 2017, Nick was ordered to serve in place of an attending Archon to see to the needs of Justicar Maris Streck. The neonate's performance in attending to her whims, as well as his defense of the Conclave from "hackermancers" and attempted assassins, earned the Justicar's favor; she later named him as one of her trusted Archons.




Brian Oswald Buckley, Malkavian Primogen of Hartford, CT
Ora Primrose, Tremere Primogen of Hartford, CT
Rosamund Elise Kingsley, Harpy of Hartford, CT
Morgan Harper
Che Valiente, Brujah Archon



Nick has no idea. Are you CoffeeIsNotMagic? Is it you?




Who could say?

Character Inspirations

Nic Silver, TANIS Podcast
Elliot Alderson, Mr. Robot
Morgellons disease
Nick, What We Do in the Shadows
The Question, Justice League Unlimited
Simon, SOMA
Precogs, Minority Report


56k Modem Slowed Down 1700%
Where is My Mind? - Telepathic Teddy Bear
Welcome to the Cyberspace - Absurd Minds
Under My Skin - Jukebox the Ghost
Hold It In - Jukebox the Ghost
Pi - Hard N Phirm
Mr. Robot Theme Song
I've Got You Under My Skin - Frank Sinatra
Bathing in a river of discordant music - Mikael Fyrek
I'm Not Human At All - Sleep Party People
Marble Machine - Wintergatan
Dreams - n u a g e s
Help Me Lose My Mind - Disclosure


"So we're the polite monsters, and they're the monster monsters?"
"Don't touch me! It's... it's for your safety. I don't want to infect you."
"Oh, wow! What? Wow!" - any time he sees someone use a Discipline
"I'm not any chess piece! I'm a bottle of horse bile! And I don't know why!"
"I found them. ALL of them. So now we, what, go give them a stern talking to? What happens next?"
"What the heck? Why do you still use Yahoo! Groups? What is this, 2003?"
"I'm compliant! I'm compliant! I'm... I'm a helper, a good helper, and I'm... I'm compliant..."
"Hey, how would you go about trying to think about things you don't remember you were supposed to think about in the first place?"
"Look, if you access certain parts of the Dark Web you can find a number of predictive algorithms that can basically tell you anything you want to know: past, present, or future. It's just a matter of taking that predictive knowledge and extrapolating possibilities from the infinite wash of time and space. I mean... it's practically Google; I don't understand why everyone thinks this is so hard."
"Oh one one eight, nine nine nine. Eight eight one nine nine. Nine one one nine. Seven two five. ...three."


- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's just a crazy mortal who thinks he's a Kindred.
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's a collection of worms piloting a skin suit, pretending to be a Kindred.
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He doesn't even exist. He's a conspiracy prank created via elaborate uses of Forgetful Mind and Chimestry
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's a Malkavian ghoul whose Regnant is gaslighting him.
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's a Virtual Adept with porphyria.
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's a puppet.
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's one of those experimental robots, and doesn't want anyone to touch him because then they'd realize it wasn't really skin, but just a polymer.
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's an AI god program who manifests as a hologram. That's why he doesn't let anyone touch him.
- Nick isn't a Kindred. He's a Glasswalker Kinfolk who's infiltrating Kindred society.
- Once used a boon from Che Valiente to force the Archon to come to his tabletop roleplaying game.
- Earned the favor of Justicar Maris Streck with a clicky pen.
- Was once pressured into having sex with Julius Cole. It was terrible.
- Cried the first time he killed someone, even though it was in self-defense.
- Is the quiet leader of a conspiracy of powerful Archons, Princes, and other high-ranking Camarillans of the Northeast that meet regularly for unknown purposes.