Mr. Manners

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Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Status 1
Domain ???
Coterie Johnny Creed bitches!
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Justin McMullen


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Real Name:

Apparent Age:

Concept: Creep show / Fanboy

Physical description: Mr. Manners is a towering block of flesh and muscle (Huge Size). The Nosferatu curse seems to have effected his hands most dramatically of all (Long Fingers). He wears a mask made from torn T-shirts that changes every few weeks.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Gabriel Frost (against his will)

Character Information

Known History

Mr. Manners first appeared in Dayton in early 2009. He was traveling in the company of Johnny Creed who had "found" Manners in the street. By "found" he meant he'd run the Nos over with his car as Manners exited the sewers. Manners has been in Johnny's company ever since. The two have been frequently expelled from Domains around Ohio.

Mr. Manners disappeared in June of 2009 sending Johnny into a year long search to find his former wingman. Manners re-emerged in November 2010 after being run over by another Brujah (Roxann) and brought to a Camarilla gathering in Columbus where Johnny and Manners were reunited.

Mr. Manners has no phone, no haven, no car and has a tendency to eat the thumbs and big toes of people he doesn't like.



Johnny Creed
Dr. P@in (Deceased)
Corbin (Deceased)
Lance Richards
Anyone Johnny says is 'cool'


Anyone Johnny says.






Character Inspirations

A mixture of Borat and the Texas Chainsaw Massacrer



"I no break the radio, Johnny!"
"Haha! Your gloves not cool, they ugly. That's sarcasm!"
"Sorry, Johnny."
"I no touch it! It broke before."
Manners:"You are shit" Johnny:"The shit. THE shit. Why is that so hard?"

"We husslin baby!"


Mr. Manners is blood bound to Johnny Creed.
Mr. Manners hears voices in his head.
Mr. Manners wants to learn Necromancy so he can talk to the dead animals he carries in his coat.
Mr. Manners is actually a Sabbat infiltrator who uses his Nosferatu identity as a cover.
Mr. Manners is actually an Anarch infiltrator who uses his Nosferatu Identity as a cover.