Morgan Wynn Howell

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Clan Child of Haqim
Position Prince
Status 5+3
Domain Twin Cities, MN
Coterie ???
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player Corey Karels


Morgan and Priscilla at 2011 Midwinter Gather


Real Name: Morgan Wynn Howell

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Mobster/Don

Physical description: Roughly 6 ft tall, with a large-but-well-kept frame. Looks to be of Germanic descent, with neatly trimmed dark hair and goatee, lightly-tanned skin, and a clear complexion. Usually wears business casual, or at least something with a tie.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince Brendis Kinsley of Munster, Ireland
  • Dedicated by then-Primogen Takashi (now Archon to Maris Streck)
  • Respected by then-Primogen Takashi (now Archon to Maris Streck)
  • Influential by then-Prince Jordan Restax (deceased)
  • Well-Known by then-Prince Jordan Restax (deceased)
  • Exalted, Famous and Well-Known as Prince of the Twin Cities

Character Information

Known History

A "retired" mob boss with still-powerful ties to the family, Howell claimed Praxis of the Twin Cities area after Joseph Hanover stepped down as Prince in August 2010.

Married to Priscilla Howell of Clan Toreador, the wedding took place in November of 2010.

Morgan, as Prince, has blood-hunted three people so far: Horace Mansfield-Rhumer, Anthony Black, and Hajime Kojima.

Horace was blood-hunted for being a rot and a cancer within the Camarilla. There were a number of other reasons, but they were a part of a hush-hush meeting between Howell and Clan Tremere. Clan Tremere later killed Horace themselves.

Anthony Black was blood-hunted for trying to kill Morgan, Rachel Violet Eiken, and Priscilla Howell. Morgan was all business when it was himself. It was getting escalated when Rachel became targeted. And when Priscilla was attacked... Those that were there would remember the psychotic gleam in Morgan's eye as he loudly and violently blood-hunted Anthony. Through negotiations with Clan Brujah, a member of Clan Brujah (Oliver Freigh) interrogated Anthony Black just before Morgan killed him.

Prince Howell's Domain Edicts

"None shall kill any of the humans."
"Take this as a Law of the Domain. If you believe one of them needs to pass, you will bring your reasons to me Personally. In the event that mistakes happen, you would do well to come to me immediately with news of what happened, how it happened, and why it happened. Punishment will be much less than if I find out about it after the fact."


A former member of the Obsidian Architects; this group was designed to gather together the most mortally influential members of the Domain, and work together in unison for the betterment of the Camarilla locally. This group was eventually disbanded due to various members moving to other Domains.


Priscilla Howell
Sheriff John Payne
Primogen Anton Chernobog
Primogen Sylphain Delille
Primogen Syprus Herring
Whip Maeve Cahill
Scourge Alexei Semago
Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange
Johnathan Gwynn
Joseph Hanover
Oliver Freigh
Priscilla Howell
Rowan Kames


Chester Black (Deceased)
Horace Mansfield-Rhumer (Deceased)
Anthony Black (Deceased)
Baeddan Stone (Deceased)
Hajime Kojima (Blood-hunted)
Serenity Nevermore
Prince Lena!

Gentlemen Adversaries (Both Ally & Enemy)

Harpy Aleister Blackwell
Dugan McKinney
Primogen Edgar Lockhart
Zio! (Deceased)
Prince Rasputin Volnilcov
Prince Eddie Darling


M'ahl-tun (Eldest of Canada)


Mike Howell of Canada


Character Inspirations

The Godfather
Ocean's Eleven


The Godfather Soundtrack


Quotes by Prince Howell:

  • "My Primogen are My Advisors... Without them, I'm running blind."
  • "Just once... just once could we have a quiet night where nothing happens?"
  • "When in doubt, look to the Traditions. They have all the guidance you'll need."
  • "Thankfully, I am the Law within the Twin Cities."
  • Said about some guy named Brian:

     Alexei Semago: "What do you want me to do to him?"
     Morgan: "I want you to un-man him."
     Alexei: "...Do you want me to give it to you?"
     Morgan, smiling: "Can you put it in a pickle jar? I want it in a pickle jar."

  • "Thankfully, the Camarilla is more like a brotherhood, rather than a society of fanatical extremists. Absolute loyalty can bring about a rigid moronacy that can actually act counter to the ideals of the Camarilla."

Quotes about Prince Howell:

  • "You don't mess with those that are under his 'protection'." - Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange
  • "He's got big brass ones for what he's done publicly - I can appreciate that, even if I disagree with him on his stance." - Eddie Darling


  • Morgan Howell is insane, and a select few know what triggers his madness.
  • Morgan Howell constantly questions his citizens about the Traditions and why they're important.
  • Is the only Prince in the Twin Cities to actually gain Humanitas after claiming Praxis.
  • Shot a Domain citizen at Gather (but not on Elysium) for being a complete idiot. He may have been thanked for it afterward.
  • Has completely abolished the idea of Elysia in the Domain, allowing Kindred to freely use offensive Disciplines (short of those that bring Final Death) on each other during Gatherings.
  • Employs several bloodthirsty kindred as members of his court so that he can "keep his hands clean".
  • Drives his allies nuts. They often can't tell if they should be applauding his audacity or hitting him with a baseball bat.
  • Has given open rights of destruction over all members of Clan Giovanni.
  • Is being looked at for possible archonship by the brujah justicar.
  • The Twin Cities under Morgan's Leadership has become a mecca for Elders.

Letter to the Camarilla regarding Enzo Giovanni

Subject: Enzo Giovanni and agreed punishments & disciplinary actions

In agreement with Benintendi Giovanni, overseer of Enzo Giovanni, a conclusion has been brought to a matter that has turned into a festering wound for the Twin Cities, and clan Brujah in particular.

The topic of the matter was the murder of Var of clan Brujah, who was Prince of the Twin Cities at the time, executed by Enzo Giovanni.

Mr. Benintendi and I have agreed and moved forward with the understanding that how Clan Giovanni punishes and discplines their own for breaking the Promise is the business of Clan Giovanni. It is not right, nor proper, for a member of the Camarilla to dictate appropriate disciplinary punishments to a member of Clan Giovanni for a transgression of this magnitude.

Mr. Enzo Giovanni has ended the life of a member of the Camarilla Prince. If he were an independent member of any other clan, he would be open season for punitive actions. However, in discussion with Mr. Benintendi, I have come to learn that the murder of a Camarilla Prince is not a killable offense among the Giovanni.

I had originally been asked what sort of task, compensation, or penance could be given to soothe the pain and transgressions of the Promise.

I had thought long and hard on this matter. On the question of what the value of life is worth, not just of a Camarilla Prince, but of any member of the Camarilla. On whether or not penance can ever truly be made given such a situation.

The answer quite simply is, you can't. You can't repay the loss of that life, and the resulting changes and ripples through the Camarilla that such an act created.

This is one of the principle reasons the Promise exists.

And so, in agreement with clan Giovanni, just as I cannot discipline nor call for the life of a member of Clan Giovanni for breaking Traditions & the Promise. They neither can do the same for any one of the Camarilla who takes it into their mind to kill a member of Clan Giovanni. Any of the Camarilla that would kill any member of Clan Giovanni within the Twin Cities will be punished according to the Camarilla's views & justice. And it shall not be up for debate, disclosure, nor discourse with Clan Giovanni. Each will be punished according to what their society believes to be a valid punishment, and the other shall not gainsay this.

That is the punishment bestowed for Enzo's failings. And that is the agreed upon blood-price for his actions in taking the life of a Camarilla Prince and living.

That has been the negotiated deal. Should a member of Clan Giovanni happen to die in the Twin Cities, and a member of the Camarilla happens to be the trigger-man... No matter how much or little that trigger-man is punished, Clan Giovanni will not question nor push for further disciplinary action, nor call for that individuals death. To do such would violate the promise, as agreed upon by Mr. Benintendi Giovanni, duly appointed as representative for this task by Clan Giovanni, and Myself.

I understand that Enzo Giovanni is a disrespectful son of a bitch who deserves to be fucked up the ass with a telephone pole engulfed with flame before being given cement shoes and dropped in the ocean... But Mr. Benintendi Giovanni has been a pleasure to work with, and I'm glad that the two of us could work together to bring this chapter to a close in a manner that is satisfactory to both parties.

I will not breach the Promise to punish another for a breach of the Promise.

Morgan Howell
Prince of the Twin Cities
OOC: Fame x5: "Retired" Don of the Twin Cities

Prince Morgan Howell's Court

Seneschal: Digger (Nosferatu)

Sheriff: John Payne
~ Deputy: Vacant

Keeper: Nekoj Kustic (Ventrue)
~ Assistant: None

Primogen: Brujah: Tiago Rangel
~ Whip: Lillian McCoy

Primogen: Gangrel: Edgar Lockhart
~ Whip: None

Primogen: Malkavian: Syprus Herring
~ Whip: Jonathan Moore
~ Assistant Whip: Aurora Herring

Primogen: Nosferatu: Jack
~ Whip: Ophelia

Primogen: Toreador: Sylphain Delille
~ Whip: Maeve Cahill

Primogen: Tremere: Anton Chernobog
~ Whip: Ari Renard

Harpy: Rachel Violet Eiken (Ventrue)
~ Lesser: None

Scourge: Alexei Semago (Brujah)
~ Deputy: Jonathan Moore (Malkavian)