Morgan Daemos

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 6+1
Domain Springfield, IL
Coterie The Untouchables
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Rich Judd



Real Name: Morgan Youngblood
Apparent Age:
Young guns meets street magician
Physical description:
Young twenties, long blond hair, sharp facial features. Armored trench coat with double holster for custom .50 pistols. Long hair always worn up in pony tail. Sometimes wore a signature 5 of spades on lapel.
Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Feared, Feared, Cherished, Beloved, Loyal, Famous

Character Information

What good would it do me to talk of my interests here. Let them reveal themselves in conversation. I believe I would prefer that. Yes... most definitely.

Known History


The Untouchables
Regent of House Blakk (Tremere Lore 5)


former Justicar Masako, Brujah
former Justicar Malaphar, Tremere
Rhiannon Morgan, Toreador
Soma Ambrose, Malkavian
Tristan Nadia-Avant, Toreador (DoC)
Black Mariah, Malkavian
Shade, Nosferatu (deceased)
James Durrin, Caitiff
Matthew Chimes, Caitiff
Glen Young, Ventrue
Peter Kennedy, Ventrue
Philip Walkin, Tremere
Joshua Washgow, Tremere
Jester, Malkavian-anti
Joshua, Clan Unknown
Mort, Assamite
Nathaniel Obertuse, Tzimisce


Tobias Hunter, Pander
Justicar Masako, Brujah
Lucio de Akuge, Clan Lasombra
Dr. Murdoch, Tremere
Dr. Stephen Jacobs of the Nosferatu
Vast Majority of Clan Nosferatu


Arcades Daemos


Christian Daemos
Victor Daemos
Racquel Daemos


Gershwin Daemos
Legion Sisters
Delphi Daemos
Savannah Daemos?
Poseidon Daemos?

Character Inspirations

Billy the Kid as portrayed by Emilio Estevez in Young Guns


Music: You may find it odd but I do have a fondness for Wanted Dead or Alive by a band named Bond Jovi. I find the lyrics in question to be particularly... ironic to my existence.

Movies: I have little time to indulge myself in such matters. I believe that my time is better served by interacting with a lovely lady.

Television: Again, I would prefer to converse with the Black Queen or someone else of particular power or noteriety.

Books: The sort of books which I have read can not be discussed in a forum such as this one. There would be consequences for that which I have neither the time nor inclination to deal with at this time.

Heroes: I am not entirely sure that I even accept the concept that heroes exist in our world. Lord Argyle perhaps?



The Black King

Has obviously been to one too many screenings of "The Lost Boys."