Miss Lola Perez

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Clan Toreador
Position Senechal
Status 3 (PR)+ 3 (POS)
Domain Los Angeles, CA
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Cynthia Marie


Lola Performing.
Lola Backstage.

Alias(es):Miss Lola, The Spanish Rose

Real Name: Lola Perez

Apparent Age: late 20s/ early 30s

Concept: The Showgirl

Physical description: Tall languid Latina, with long raven hued hair, smooth olive skin and dark mahogany mysterious eyes. An obvious dancer build, the exceptionally beautiful woman could be perceived as nearly perfect and fashionable at all times. Constantly in a blend of retro and contemporary fashions, Lola often is on the pulse of Los Angeles fashions' finest looks.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Prince Neumann in 2017
Councilor given by Prince Neumann 2018.
Passionate given by Prince Neumann 2019

Character Information

• Appearance 5
• Blush of Health
• Eat Food
• Eerie Presence (smells like roses)

Known History

There's a lot of mystery behind the Spanish Rose of Los Angeles. Arriving in a quiet fashion, as a retired dancer, she soon became quick to be a part of the gossip and rumor mill in true Toreador fashion! Her look always impeccable, she began her triumphant return to the dance community as a featured burlesque dancer and now Manager at Pour Vu in Hollywood. She made her artistic debut to the Los Angeles domain by performing at the preview night of former Harpy Yorrick's Gallery opening in 2017. She has since assisted in many affairs of that have faced Los Angeles, providing guidance for many kindred who have asked, and has worked to maintain a sense of artistry and humanity within the city of Angels.


“Not telling!”


• Gogo Perez of Clan Brujah (Biological Sister)
Sid Slither of Clan Followers of Set
Heather Valentine of Clan Ventrue
Puck of Clan Gangrel
Jeremy Reiner of Clan Toreador
Peter Premysl of Clan Tremere


"Wouldn't you love to know!"







Character Inspirations

Carmen Miranda
Nomi Malone (from Showgirls)
Dita Von Tease


Whatever Lola Wants (Gotan Project Mix)
Dangerous by Michael Jackson
Honeysuckle Rose by Lena Horne
Everything I Can't Have by Robin Thicke


"I'm a Lover not a Fighter."


Has a "thing" for Snakes
Has a "red room" in her Haven
Hosts wild orgies when she's bored at home
Had an article written about her scandalous affairs
Burnt down her vineyard because she was tired of owing Reiner
Makes people disappear when her sister is threatened
Has the best and highest heels collection in Los Angeles
May have possibly slept her way to the top
Has a fear of insects
A fury bought Lola a gilded cage to keep a close eye on her.