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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 5
Domain Wandering
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Dan Brackmann


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Alias(es): None known

Real Name: Supposedly Mirakatsu Isoroku

Apparent Age: 40's

Concept: Ronin Falconer

Physical description: Japanese man, about 5'2", in his late forties with short hair, dark eyes, and a weathered complexion. Mirakatsu often looks like a tourist with a Hawaiian shirt, cargo pants, and sandals with socks. Frequently he is also wearing a trenchcoat and carrying a camera bag. When it rains, he sometimes has a straw hat. For more formal occasions he usually wears a Kimono with two swords or sometimes a more Western coat and tie. His clothing is often a dark imperial purple and gold, either metallic or deep golden yellow. At his haven he dresses in traditional Japanese styles.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged, Prince Gamaguchi of Hokkaido
  • Honorable, former Prince O'Leary of the former Domain of Tuscola, IL
  • Honorable, former Prince Johnny Perez of the Domain of Edwardsville, IL
  • Dedicated, former prince Jaden Cage of the Domain of Edwardsville, IL
  • Loyal, former Prince Saul Good of the Domain of Springfield, IL

Character Information

Known History

Mirakatsu claims to be from Kyushu Japan, born near the City of Kagoshima. He was acknowledged by the Toreador Prince Gamaguchi on the island of Hokkaido after the Second World War. Mirakatsu arrived in Vancouver, Canada in early 2004 along with his Translator, Keiko Shinju. He traveled through the Canadian wilderness for many months, gradually working his way south into the United States and ending up in Carbondale, IL. He lived in Carbondale for a year or two before moving to Madison and St. Clair County,Illinois, where he built his home, Ulfgar, and became Primogen and then Sheriff. The Sabbat attacked the Domain and the Prince, Winston Adams, went missing. Prince Adams was replaced by Prince Julia St. Gossard for a brief period of time before she fled the Domain for Rome. Mirakatsu declared praxis until the Sabbat attack could be repulsed. It took several months, but the Sabbat were repulsed and a climactic battle was fought with the Sabbat Tzimisce who led the attack and her creations. Once the Sabbat were defeated, Mirakatsu stepped down. He had some issues with his successor but stuck it out. Eventually, he stepped back from involvement in the affairs of the Domain to pursue a greater spiritual understanding as he felt himself growing too close to his beast. Eventually, he returned to the Domain, and on September 14, 2012, was elected Harpy. he served in that position until July of 2014.

Since July, 2014, Mirakatsu has been focusing mostly on fostering his mind and soul, spending many hours meditating with the kami, studying many things in modern books, and flying his owl Mei Li on the hunt. Then one night, he picked up his things, leaving all his retainers but Mei Li behind at Ulfgar and began wandering, looking for tales of the Gangrel elders of nights long past. Occasionally, he returns to Ulfgar for a couple of nights, picks out a couple new books, talks to his students, retainers, and childer, and then he sets out once more into the night.

In 2018, he appeared at a Camarilla gathering in the Domain of Athens, seeking to speak with the local Gangrel. After talking to the Scourge, he helped out a bit with a local matter by guarding an ambulance and then wandered off into the woods. Later that year, he showed up at a court in Atlanta.

In 2019, he passed through the Domain of the Old Dominion and assisted slightly with confronting Daeva there. Later that year, he was seen in the Domain of St. Augustine, passing through.


No Formal Coterie



[None obvious]


Lo Chang Khan (NPC)



None Known

Character Inspirations

Historical Samurai


Taiko Drums


  • "Only foolish Sparrows build their nests in a hawk's tree."
  • [while looking at a bloody mess on the floor] "Call Giovanni. They are good for this."
  • [To a young Gangrel who had just told Prince Mirakatsu that the young Gangrel was going to be Gangrel Primogen and there was nothing that Mirakatsu could do about it...] "We must discuss your capabilities. Are you as tough as you can be?" [Other Gangrel shakes his head no.] "Can you turn to Mist?" [Other Gangrel shakes his head no.] "Good." [Mirakatsu initiates combat and torpors the young Gangrel.] "You are not Primogen."


  • When he was Prince he made Japanese the official language of the court.
  • When he was Prince he banned all cell phones from his court as a security risk and cut off the hand of someone who violated the rule.
  • He is a poet.
  • He fought at Sekigahara.
  • As Prince he had his Domain playing Sabbat and Anarch games.
  • He is politest before he kills you.
  • He is crazy.
  • He raises horses.
  • He claims to have "Viking Ancestors"
  • He is a Samurai.
  • He and Saul Good are enemies.
  • He has fought a dragon.
  • He is a master craftsman of weaponry.