Miles Wolfborne aka Mr. Austin

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Clan Ventrue
Position ???
Status Acknowledged
Domain Sacramento, CA
Coterie maybe?
Society ???
Path Humanity -
Player Miles Maria



Alias(es):Mr. Austin aka The Preacher

Real Name: Miles Wolfborne

Apparent Age:56

Concept: Over-caring cowboy holy-man with to much money and time on his hands

Physical description: A man made rugged looking with time and old age; 5'11" average weight and build

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Embraced in 1888 acknowledged in Dallas, TX, Created a Coterie in Austin, TX which survived long enough to get all the kindred in it to California and safety. Spent 10 years in accounting and 100+ years in a Agoge he believes. His Grand Sire and Sire held him to a long term Agoge contract ;which he fulfilled recently.


Yes, the one I created. It was called "The Hunters of Evil", in Texas. This name worked to keep away lupine and Sabbat for many years. When the coterie came to California the name was dropped ,because it also caused fear in the local camarilla kindred.


The Brujah The Gangrel The Toreador The Malkavian


The Sabbat


Anyone that wants to mess up the good things he has going.


Meet final death in Texas after fighting the Sabbat for many many years just like his Sire. Both Sire and Grandsire fought the Sabbat in Texas during the Spanish American wars and US Civil War.


No , no one worthy discovered yet.



Character Inspirations

Blade - by Marvel

Vampire Hunter D- anime


The Preacher - Comic books


When he's with others he plays-

Come with me Now- by Kongo -

Counting stars- by One republic -

Hey Brother - by Avicii -

When he's alone.. he plays

Money - Liza Minnelli, Joel Grey

Money - Pink Floyd


Someone has to look after those who can't look after themselves, someone has to lead!

Basically all the same ones as; King Arthur Arthragorn Albrecht


Was the only Camarilla Ventrue in Austin, Texas for decades. Created a Coterie to survive the Sabbat attacks on Austin,TX. Worked with the Gangrel, Brujah and Toreadors to create safe havens in Austin for all non-Sabbat kindred. The Preachers Coterie hunted beings, they believe that are the true evil in the world, like the Sabbat, demons and Infernalist. The Preacher only hunts profits. The Preacher hunts whomever or whatever he wants to hunt. Made millions on the Gangrel, Brujah and Toreadors partnerships. Really would rather do business with his own clan. Doing business with Independents so long in Texas has jaded his points of view. He believes the Camarilla is the only sanity in the kindred world, which is not all that great. Brought the Coterie to California because the Sabbat attacks became to dangerous. Brought the Coterie to California to convert the non-camarilla members of the Coterie to Camarilla membership. Believes in a code of honor that guides his actions. Believes that all Tremere are demon worshiper's and Infernatist. Believes that the Infernalist will bring about the end of the world by summoning to many demons and loosing control. Believes that end of the world is near and is planning for it. Knows way more about what is happening around him then he tells anyone.