Mikhail Ivanovich Stepanov

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Clan Lasombra Anti
Position Primogen
Status 2+1
Domain Fargo, ND
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Keith Allen Morrison


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Alias(es): Mishka

Real Name: Mikhail Ivanovich Stepanov

Apparent Age: 25

Concept: Russian Street Thug

Physical description: 7 1/2ft tall, Usually found in a tank-top and camouflage pants, shark-like teeth, an aggressive stare, and talks with a Russian accent.

Detailed Status:



Revered - as Primogen

Character Information

Known History



  • Evelyn Hart,
  • Charlie
  • Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago,
  • Solomon Lamarr



Tiberius Petrou



Victor - Blood Reclaimed

Harold Hansson - Blood Reclaimed

Dorian Bernard - Deceased

Liam Eriksson - Unknown

Albrecht Fischer - Deceased

Arthur - Unknown

Micheal Brown - Deceased

Character Inspirations


Aviators - No one will save you now



"I thought it was amusing."

"Sabbat are animals nothing more."

"How do you say "Guillotine" in English?"


"Mikhail is in love with Evelyn Hart." - Domain Fargo

"Mikhail is actually on a Path." - Annoyance

"Mikhail doesn't actually know how to fight." - Annoyance

"Mikhail is well endowed." - Local Locker Room

"Mikhail drink from the Kool-aid" - Annoyance

"Mikhail is dangerous and fucked up." - Sue Jenkins

Mikhail is actually Ukrainian

Mikhail is all about that bass

Mikhail is a drunk

Mikhail is a secret body guard for the Prince

Mikhail is blood bound to Evelyn Hart

Mikhail has secretly blood bound the whole Primogen Council

Mikhail listens to Morrissey and plays with his own tentacles

Mikhail's only other broodmates to survive are women and he has never been told about them because they are the secret plan for his destruction