Michael Grim

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 3
Domain Dayton, OH
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player SeanJohn


Michael Grim

Grim or Grimm

Real Name:
Michael Grim

Apparent Age:

Modern Day Occult

Physical description:
Around 6'2", a little over 200 lbs., normally has a smile, always quite impressive

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged in Dallas 2006, Prince Granger
Loyal in Columbus 2008, Bradley Lazarion
Loyal in Columbus 2010, Isaac Lazarion

Character Information

Michael is normally seen walking around gathering looking to help those who might need someone with some occult expertise. Good natured at courts and always has a laugh and a smile.

Known History

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Michael Grim moved to Dayton in 2006. He re-established himself in Columbus for a little. He soon disappeared from Camarilla life, seen rarely in courts. Finally late 2011 he appeared in Columbus and as made a mission to became a valuable member of kindred society.




William Schultz
Randall Scott
Lydia Laskey
Isaac Lazarion
Hugo Valentine


None that he knows of..


It's a secret





Character Inspirations

Tim Hunter from Books of Magic
Robert Langdon from the Lost Symbol
Don Draper from Mad Men
Jim Morrison from the Doors




Insert sarcastic quip


  • Michael Grim once loaned Status to a Toreador for a sexual favor so that she could get her Hospitality.
  • Lydia Laskey and Michael Grim have been sexually intimate. He rocked her world and never called her back.
  • Grim is an alcoholic and drug addict who struggles nightly to stay sober.
  • Grim is a sexual deviant.
  • He is a member of the Freemasons now and when he was a mortal.
  • Grim is constantly in an altered state of consciousness to hide from debilitating social phobia.
  • He is obsessed with finding order among seeming chaos.
  • He is the childe of a rogue Necromancer, and is trying to re-invent himself.
  • Secretly has a pair of Selene Lazarion's panties from a panty raid in Memphis; they are quite sexy and lacy.
  • His actual last name is not Grim
  • He in fact called Lydia Laskey back, but she put his lame ass to voicemail.
  • Michael Grim vanishes for months at a time before reappearing in Camarilla society. Rumor has it that he does it to recover from a recurring blood disease acquired from drinking Gangrel blood.
  • Grim was laughed off the Columbus Primogen council and most of the status he awarded was self-stripped by the people who received it.
  • Grim's persona is, in fact, an affectation: in reality he is a deviously shrewd and coldly calculating inhumane monster who manipulates events and individuals around him for his own unknown aims.
  • Grim is being blackmailed by Assamites to do their bidding.
  • He has blood bound another member of the Tremere to himself.