Micha Paschar

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status Deceased
Domain Middle Georgia
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Justin


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Real Name: Not Known

Apparent Age: Early Thirty's


Physical description: Micha is a a tall man in is early thirty's who other than being rarely seen without his trench coat is fairly nondescript.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged

Character Information

Known History

Micha arrived in Georgia though the city of Atlanta. This city was not his destination (if he had one at all), however, as he had made a fairly big deal about his 1967 Corvette "being nearly totaled by some guy" who t-boned him. During his time in Atlanta, when he was not looking for mechanics who where able to restore his prized possession, he was annoying a homeless man named Zack. Once back on the road, Micha ended up settling not to far from Atlanta in the Domain of Middle Georgia. After arriving, though, few have actually seen him at gather; instead, he's usually around in Psychic Projection. Other than that, little is known about Micha's goings-on except that he will occasionally pop in to provide answers to people's questions about goings-on in the domain. He seems to be preoccupied with his pet projects or crazy.

He was executed for Infernalism in 2011.


Not Known


Not Known


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Character Inspirations


Sarah McLachlan - Building A Mystery

Tool - Right in Two

Amy Winehouse - Rehab

Black and White - Static X

Losing my religion - R.E.M

Lateralus - Tool



  • Micha is floaty Primogen
  • 'Micha' doesn't actually exist. His spirit departed from his flesh years ago, and his body was lost. Any Kindred who claims to be Micha is, at best, a liar- and possibly an infiltrator.
  • Micha is giving information to the Sabbat.
  • Micha has pledged his service to Maharbal and the philosophy of the Neo-Carthaginians.
  • Contact with other Malkavians causes Micha to temporarily assume their derangements and some of their personality traits.
  • Micha breaks the Masquerade with impunity, only to cover it by committing murder.