Micah Lazarion

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 2
Domain Lewiston/Auburn, Maine
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Ryan Gay



Alias(es): None

Real Name:

Apparent Age: 30

Concept: Forensic Investigator + Southern Big-businessman

Physical description:
Looks just like the player but nothing like his other Characters. He is never seen without his hat.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, Prince Rose of Memphis, Tennessee
Erudite, former Archon Selene Lazarion

Character Information

Known History

Up from Tennessee, Micah has settled in Maine, assisting Ventrue Alexander Keefe in the founding of the Domain of Lewiston/Auburn, a crumbling pair of mill towns on the Androscoggin River. A Childe of former Archon Selene Lazarion, he is seeking to make his own name among both his Clan and the Camarilla.

Destroyed the Gangrel Vic on orders of Prince Keefe.

Transitioned to Keeper of Elysium from Seneschal in order to better serve the Domain.


None known.


Alexander P. Keefe
William Harkness
Erin Landen (deceased-ish)
Maximillian Sanlin
Douma Charoum
Anthony Giovanni
The other Lazarions, presumably.


Allies of the Gangrel Vic.
Anya Johannson
One would assume that Selene's surviving enemies might wish him harm.


Selene Lazarion, Primogen of Dallas, TX


None known.


Broodmates, alive

Broodmates, deceased

Character Inspirations



Lynyrd Skynyrd
Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
Counting Crows
Allman Brothers


~"I think Mr. Harkness and I are thinkin' the same thing: we would like to try to melt it... Thaumaturgically speaking."
~"Of course my hat would win in a fight; mine's magical." [Whispered aside] "It's not really magical."


  • Micah is Selene's way of exerting her control over Maine.
  • Micah's hat is magical.
  • Selene Lazarion embraced Micah with the expectations of him bringing power back to the family.
  • Micah is secretly planning to overthrow Alexander P. Keefe and take the throne of Lewiston/Auburn, Maine.