Meriweather Emory Huntcrest

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 3
Domain Lakeland, FL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player ZH


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Real Name:

Apparent Age: Late-40s

Concept: Bookkeeper, Idealist

Physical description: A slightly stooped yet dignified older man of questionable heritage. Having been embraced later in life, he wears glasses to correct his vision and occasionally asks others to speak up, due to slightly poor hearing.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Calvin Aivik of Juneau, Alaska in 1901
Adept, by the Insightful word of Prince Casamir Harlock, of Lakeland, FL
Well-Connected, by the Wise word of Prince Casamir Harlock, of Lakeland, FL

Character Information

Known History

Meriweather was a seeker of knowledge in his mortal life, traveling the young United States from coast-to-coast before his embrace and eventual Acknowledgement by Prince Calvin Aivik of Juneau, Alaska in 1904. He was investigating the rumors of lost writings by the indigenous people when he was trapped underneath the frozen earth as the 1906 earthquake ripped through the Aleutian Islands. Trapped for decades as the world passed him by, he was eventually rescued and slowly brought to speed with how the modern nights functioned and what had occurred in the time after his embrace.



Having recently re-arisen Meriweather only has the Camarilla and his Clan as allies.


Meriweather hasn't been active again long enough to make any enemies.


Giselle Marie Laurent





Character Inspirations

The Gangrel Antiquarian in the Dirty Secrets of the Black Hand book was one of the first truly "against normal type" character templates I remember seeing when I started playing Vampire. While I have always managed to play something just slightly different than the Clan Stereotype, I never went fully throwback toward an entirely different aspect of a Clan's historical stereotype like I wanted to do with MEH. With the Brujah's history as philosophers and curse of rage, I looked for a challenge in balancing the desire for rational thought with a in-character reluctance to face things that would knowingly cause a possible frenzy, building an inherent fear alongside the character as he developed to balance the calm outward perception he emanates. Other "against type" templates came down the line over the years, but the image of the dignified Gangrel with a pocketwatch stuck with me, and I couldn't think of an idea that fit my desire better than a Brujah Bookkeeper.

Also, an alliterative appeal always assists.


Moonlight Sonata

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In Regards to Historical Accuracy and Consistency:
"I personally feel you give great shame to your works of tragedy by resorting to simplistic attempts to bait Finn by attempting an offense toward his personal sense of honor and bravery, simply calling out "coward" toward this, and "coward" toward that diminishes my personal opinion of your more elevated works and does make me revisit my thought you were the true scribe of the Sysiphus fragments, and instead as the historians have thought, it belongs to Euripides. If, in fact, you are the same Critias."