Mei Lii

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Clan Assamite
Position Deceased
Status 5 Personal
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie DAMM
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Virginia Paxton


Upload Mei Lii in Buffalo, NY August 2010

Lady Hassah

Real Name: Hassah al Jafar

Apparent Age: 23

Concept: Humanitarian/Guardian

Physical description: Masked: She appeared to be Chinese, approx 5'4" wearing comfortable jeans and a blouse, a long black trenchcoat with the Eye of Soloman on the back. A black Fedora with silver rings through the brim. Around her right hand are black prayer beads. A Tattoo on her left cheek says "Body Gaurd"

Unmasked: Her skin carried a bronze sheen to it. Was as black as obsidian, and looked to be more middle eastern then chinese. Her back and shoulders were covered in scars/ white streaks.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged by Prince Mustafah of Istanbul Admired by Prince Mustafah of Istanbul Loyal by Former Prince Sam Hart of Baltimore Resourceful by Former Primogen Dom of Philadelphia Inventive by Former Prince Jesse Clayborne of Philadelphia

Character Information

Known History

There isn't a lot really known about Mei Lii. What she's spoken to family consists of time in both the Middle East (Saudi Arabia) and the Far East (Tokyo and Sen Toa).


That DAMM Coterie


Michael Jameson
Alana Lowery
David Fletcher
Brian Kalo
Victoria DeLaNoche
Vincent Velario
Rishi Massoud
Tobias Truefeather
Edward II
Marcus Cole
Kurt Mehmet
Luther Rhomel
Evelyn Landrake
Sheniver DuBois
Lucas Grunwald Dickie Redman More to come.....




Jahir Ibn Rafiq


It's unknown if any embrace from Mei Lii ever took. It was known that 4 had failed which left her crushed and hesitant to continue trying, however she often claimed that Tobias Truefeather was her childe. A fact that many Harpies were bribed to believe.


Michael Brody - Missing since 1992

Jafar Ibn Jahir

Character Inspirations



Proffesional Killer - KMFDM Fidelity - Regina Spektor


"Think before you speak, speak before you act, act before you die."

"If you do it, you'll regret it. If you don't do it, you'll still regret it. So you might as well just do it."

"Demand and I will not obey. Force and I will resist. You have but the ask and I will bend mountains and stop time for you."


Possessed Assamite Sorcery

Was Dating a Tremere from Buffalo

Jumped into Voids.

Rumored she stole a ghoul from an Independant Assamite or Caitiff, but this can no longer be confirmed.

Was cursed and couldn't succesfully embrace.

Touching her made things blow up.