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'''Alias(es):<br> * Maybelline Howe'''
'''Alias(es):<br> * Maybelline Howe'''
'''Real Name: Prudence Marie Baker '''
'''Real Name: Ask her, see what you get '''
'''Apparent Age: 20 '''
'''Apparent Age: 20 '''
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[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqNcyFNMfLM "Get the Party Started" - Shirley Bassey]<br>
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqNcyFNMfLM "Get the Party Started" - Shirley Bassey]<br>
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_AHEfFbZw4 "Yesterday When I Was Young" - Shirley Bassey]<br>
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D_AHEfFbZw4 "Yesterday When I Was Young" - Shirley Bassey]<br>
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQCdnv44cyo "Sunday Kind Of Love" - Etta James]<br>
[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CxYRbzGi8Rg "Our Day Will Come" - Amy Winehouse]<br>

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Primogen
Status 6
Domain Los Angeles, CA
Coterie None
Society None
Path Humanity 000
Player Kristen Prochnow


Maybelline in her cupcake dress - 2019

* Maybelline Howe

Real Name: Ask her, see what you get

Apparent Age: 20

Concept: Southern Belle Socialite

Physical description:
When masked, she usually looks like a Southern Belle with vintage touches. You can tell she's tired when she looks more modern.
Unmasked, she looks like one of the mummies of Guanajuato, Mexico. Her skin is parchment yellow brown colored, and if touched she feels slightly rubbery but with an underlying feeling that she might crumble if pushed on too hard. She still has her natural hair, but it looks like a cheap, fried wig and has the texture to match. Her body looks as if all of the meager body fat she once had pooled along her back from being interred that way, giving her a curious shape. Her lips are withered and pulled back, exposing her teeth. Her light brown eyes are still there and they are the only thing that look as if she's alive. She is incredibly sensitive about her real looks, and considers it to be akin to seeing her nude.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Dutiful - Granted by Primogen Serenity of the Nosferatu, 2018
  • Poet Laureate of Los Angeles, 2018
  • Considered - Granted by Prince Ethan Neumann of Los Angeles, January 2019
  • Compassionate - Granted by Prince Ethan Neumann of Los Angeles, October 2019
  • Revered (Primogen)

Character Information

Known History

Maybelline was embraced during the Civil War in Chattoogaville, Georgia. Since then, she followed her sire around for several years and across several states before splitting ways and making her way to Los Angeles via Seattle.

She is incredibly proud of her 'heritage', and is known to introduce herself as "Maybelline Howe, of the Georgia Howes. Not associated with the Virginia Howes."

Maybelline is a bit of a fashion horse and loves dressing up to match a theme. Because of this she has been mistaken for a Toreador and didn't bother correcting people as it loosened their lips around her.

She submitted and performed a poem for the 2018 Poetry Debacle, and ended up taking first place for her theatrics with fire.


None Currently


  • Avion, Clan Toreador
  • EGG, Clan Nosferatu
  • Gary Kowaleski, Fury
  • GoGo Perez, Clan Brujah
  • Hector Giovanni, Don of Los Angeles
  • James Bones, Primogen of Clan Malkavian for Los Angeles
  • Jeremy Reiner, Primogen of Clan Toreador for Los Angeles
  • Max Illaria, Primogen of Clan Gangrel for Los Angeles
  • Mia Espinosa, Clan Brujah
  • Miss Lola Perez, Clan Toreador
  • RDX, Keeper of Elysium for Los Angeles
  • Robert (Bob) Paulson, Primogen of Clan Ventrue
  • Serenity, Clan Nosferatu
  • Shelly Nightingale, Whip of Clan Nosferatu
  • Viktor Ohno, Harpy of Los Angeles


None that she's aware of, but that means nothing.
She has a specific hatred for the local Sabbat for a number of reasons.



None currently


Character Inspirations

"Clarissa Worthington Howe" from the 'Bloody Jack' book series
"Lemon Breeland" from Hart of Dixie


"You Can't Get a Man With a Gun" - Annie Get Your Gun
"Shall We Dance?" - The King and I
"She's A Lady" - Tom Jones
"Who Wants to Live Forever?" - The Tenors ft. Lindsey Stirling
"Get the Party Started" - Shirley Bassey
"Yesterday When I Was Young" - Shirley Bassey
"Sunday Kind Of Love" - Etta James
"Our Day Will Come" - Amy Winehouse


"Oh Sugar, no..."
"Excuse me, I have to go be a sneaky sneak and listen to other people's business"
In reference to Leonitis Maclain, Tremere, "If you want to know about flowers, talk to that one. He farts and dandelions appear."


Good or bad, feel free to drop them here!!

She has a terrible memory, hence why she calls everyone "sugar"
So far, she has not said "bless your heart" to anyone in Los Angeles
Beyond her genteel demeanor, she has a terrible and colorful gutter mouth. Just get her going and watch.
HAPPILY out dresses Jeremy Reiner on any occasion simply because irking him brings her joy.
Is a hopeless romantic, to the point she's lost all hope of being romanced and loved.
Has a new beau every month, but keeps it quiet. They, in turn, are scared to silence because of her unmasked appearance.
When Maybelline cries in public, the offending party dies shortly after.
She will sometimes talk about her 'beau' but never say who... there really is no beau and she's making it all up to seem more desirable.