Marislav Cobiyev

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 2
Domain Middle Georgia
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player James Davey


Upload James as Marislav at NOLA 2010



Real Name:

Marislav Cobiyev

Apparent Age:



Vampire with an identity crisis
Mad scientist

Physical description:

Marislav is slight, standing only about 5'8". His slender frame and narrow shoulders mark him as effete, and at only 16 years old, his smooth skin and lilting voice give him an air of exuberant, foolish youth. He has chin length chestnut brown hair that generally seems unkempt, until you notice that it is almost always swept into whatever the most fashionable "devil may care" style of the day happens to be. He tends to wear fashionable but daring trends from eastern Europe, which he gleefully accepts have gone out of style in the US decades ago.

He speaks with a peculiar, almost exaggerated Russian accent...and he speaks a lot.

Marislav is never seen without a name tag, generally ornate and vibrant, with the quote "Hello, my name is Marislav Cobiyev."

Character Information

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Prince Charles McMillan of Atlanta

Known History

Very little is known publicly about Marislav, though it would seem overly conspiratorial to assume any mystery in this case. The truth is, Mari hasn't distinguished himself enough to matter. Generally, if he ever appears outside of the Tremere feeding grounds, he is nearly inseparable from Sandra of the Tremere with whom he seems to share a close personal friendship. Generally, the two attend concerts and consume other forms of entertainment with very little concern as to whatever looming threat might be perched to annihilate them all (there always is such a threat in Georgia).


None known


Sandra of the Tremere


Marislav will occasionally speak of a dire group of enemies from whom he is eternally trying to escape (even going so far as to throw in his lot with the Tremere). His cavalier tones and rapid-fire sophomoric quips, though, seem to insinuate that this talk is merely the fancy of a teenage boy recently confronted with his own immortality.


Petra Lebedyenko





Character Inspirations

Sandra of the Tremere
Marty McFly
Doc Brown
Fright Night


"The Thing I Hate"Stabbing Westward
"Misconstruction" Apocalyptica
"Hip to be Square" Huey Lewis and the News


"Hello, my name is Marislav Cobiyev." -Spoken compulsively repeatedly

Mari: "Hello, my..."
Douma Charoum: "Yes Mari, I know who you are. I need you to go and look into something for me."
Mari stand quietly while Douma explains his task. Afterwards, Douma leaves Marislav alone and forlorn in the Chantry.
Mari: " is Marislav Cobiyev."

Mari:"Good to meet, Prince Sparrow..." leans over to Sandra "She can kill me?"
Sandra:"If she wants to, yeah."
Mari:"Good to meet, Prince Sparrow! I would like if you not kill!"


Mari is working on something intensely dangerous, probably having to do with Thaumaturgy
Marislav is not a Kindred at all
There is something very dangerous after him