Mario Aurelianus

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Clan Nosferatu
Position Harpy
Status 4+1+1
Domain Brasília, Brazil
Coterie Optimates
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Chronos Phaenon


Mario Aurelianus w/o Mask of 1000 faces


Real Name: Mario Aurelianus

Apparent Age: Undefined - Nosferatu

Concept: Powermonger

Physical description: A lame hunchbacked monster, with maggots running over and under a very slicky skin.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Luis Matado, Former Prince of Recife
  • Loyal according to Rubens Lamarca, Primogen Nosferatu of Brasilia
  • Influential according to Crian Lobos, Prince of Fortaleza
  • Argucious according to D. Sebastiao de Avis, Prince of Brasilia
  • Influential by position
  • Reputation: Conservative Camarillian

Character Information

Known History

One of the public members of the coterie Optimates where he was known as Os ab Optimatiis. The other known members was Archon Caliban (Tremere), Harpy (then Archon) Lucas Bonfim (Ventrue), Prince Demether Tsarovitch (Ventrue) and Primogen Jasmin Montray (Toreador)


Optimates (Apparently disbanded)


  • Dr. Cristiano Ducatti (Tremere)


  • Hubretch Vanderspeigle aka Thorstein, the Golden - Gangrel
  • Soon von Seele - Toreador
  • Half the Nosferatu clan in Brazil


  • Francois d'Lumiere, Nosferatu Primogen of Brasília, aka "Toupeira" ("Mole").


  • Yohan Wolfenson, harpy of São Paulo
  • Lenny


The Mole is known to have a very prolific brood, with too many kindred to count.

Character Inspirations


  • "Revenge is a dish best served fast" ~Mario
  • "The moral degradation, the lenience, the lack of regard to Prestige and Prestation as seen in most parts of this New World must not be allowed to flourish." ~Mario
  • "We act only for the good of the Camarilla." ~Mario
  • "You can rise now, Mr. Aurelianus." ~Caliban, the first time they talked, not knowing Mario was hunchbacked...


  • Mario had a "status bank", being capable of gathering overnight more than 30 traits supporting his voice.
  • Mario consorted with the Sabbat.
  • Mario conspired to topple princes in many domains and put puppets of his choice in their places.