Marcus Jovan

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Clan Toreador
Position Prince
Status 6 + 3
Domain Santa Rosa, CA
Coterie None Known
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player Ethan Lowry


Marcus Jovan at the 2011 Grand Elysium in the Bay

Alias(es): Marcus Jovan (Translated to English from Dutch)

Real Name: Markos Jan (original Dutch Name)

Apparent Age: Early 30's

Concept: Goth Playboy, who plays at being a professional talent scout/promoter

Physical description: 6', Blonde hair, light blue eyes, well-built, but lithe.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged – Prince Maxwell of Chicago
Well-Known – Prince Benevictus of New Acheron (Status from a defunct game)
Esteemed – Prince Payne of New Acheron (Status from a defunct game)
Praised – Prince Winston Warchild of Santa Rosa
Admired – Prince Winston Warchild of Santa Rosa
Feared – Prince Winston Warchild of Santa Rosa
Famous, Exaulted, Well-Known - Positional

Character Information

Known History

Marcus is originally from the island of Manhattan. Stayed somewhat recluse from Kindred Society for the first part of his life as a Kindred, assisted his sire in his business, and made his sire look good to the rest of the Camarilla in the city by providing insights into political machinations and ferreting out Sabbat infiltrators, which were common and rampant. He enjoyed spending most of his time with mortals, which he indulged many a guilty pleasure with and learned what made the emotions of a human tick. Slowly, he slipped out of the direct influence of his sire and started his own business in art promotion and scouting. They moved to the west coast to escape the Sabbat takeover in New York. He and his sire moved around for awhile until he settled in New Acheron where he served the city as whip and then Seneschal, where he used his skills at politics and observation to ferret out Sabbat who were trying to infiltrate the city. The city of New Acheron fell to the Sabbat, and he moved to Santa Rosa, CA, where he quickly was appointed as Harpy where he swiftly gained the reputation of being elegant, but shrewd in terms of how he exercised the authority of his position.

Marcus used his allies and influence to seize praxis of Santa Rosa, CA after the previous prince went one step too far and placed the Brujah Clan in torpor for no reason other than losing control.

He now works hard putting the Domain right by dealing with both external threats and internal infighting, while he is a Toreador, his tolerance with drama is minimal, and his methods of rooting it out are precise and harsh.

Marcus practices no discernable art, however he is very good at following trends and seems to have insight into cultural machinations that has kept him on the cutting edge of the art community whereever he goes. While somewhat reclusive within that community, he is able to make or break local artist by a sentence here or a rumor there. If you bothered to look, you would see him with a High Society Socialite as often as you would see him "slumming it" at a local wine bar, always with a woman on his arm.

With his lovely Toreador friends at the 2011 Grand Elysium by the Bay


None known


Virgil Deems
Isabella Visconti
Jen Valentine
Susanna Angel LaRouge
Leonardo Gianelli
Kathrin Braddock


Baloo, Former Anarch Baron of Sebastopol, California.


Michael (NPC)





Character Inspirations

Archibald Cunningham – Tim Roth, from Rob Roy
Just think the rich people party in the movie “Eyes Wide Shut”, no specific character, but the mentality is there.


She's in Parties – Bauhaus
Fashion – David Bowie
My Girlfriends Girlfriend – Type O Negative
Lucretia, my reflection - Sisters of Mercy
The Beautiful People - Marilyn Manson
The Blood, the Wine, the Roses - My Dying Bride
Behind Blue Eyes - Limp Bizkit
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Numb - Linkin Park
Only When I Lose Myself to Someone Else - Depeche Mode

The Roast of Shanghai Kelly

Just skip to the first couple of minutes to get to Marcus


"We are eternal, love is not" when speaking to a group of Kindred about the passions of the Kindred
"Heavy is the head that wears the crown when it is you who must decide who goes down" - in sloppy poetry metre.
"Take off all of your cloths..."


  • Marcus is responsible for the deaths of two anarchs in the neighboring Free State of Sebastopol, he is actively trying to murder every anarch present there for petty slights against him.
  • Marcus is a puppet Prince of Clan Tremere and is blood bonded to Winston Warchild, the former Prince.
  • Jack Sebastien actually likes Marcus.
  • Marcus is actually gay.
  • Marcus is in love with Elissa Maxwell and Kathrin Braddock.
  • Has pissed off his entire Domain at one point or another, save his own clan.
  • Marcus's idea of a more traditional Domain includes Gangrel and Assamite Primogen. Imagine that, all Kindred are under the umbrella of the Camarilla.
  • He is in danger of being dethroned by Clan Tremere, and that is why he kept a Tremere Seneschal, Elissa Maxwell. Once she died, he has no protection from former Prince Warchild..