Major Christopher Winters

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Clan Brujah
Position None
Status 6
Domain Natal and Fort North, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Daniel Abreu


Christopher, just watiching

Major, Chris, Maj

Real Name: Christopher

Apparent Age: 27/28

Concept: Military (War Veteran)

Physical description: 1,78m (5,84 ft.), 85kg (187 lb.), have very dark redhead. Most of the time have a clean face. But usally could be seen with a very short beard. Athletic body type and several scars over the body (especially on the back). Normaly dress modern cloths (like jeans and t-shirt). Alwyas use something on the head (like a hat or bandana), and leather jacket. Is very comum use military uniform.

Detailed Status:

OOC: For the use of the ability Politics

  • Acknowledged by Prince Conail Finnegan (Ireland, Northern).
  • Respected by Prince Calton Kalmir (São José dos Campos) for his strength and force aganist the infernalism.
  • Valorous by Seneschal Tristão (Sorocaba) for helping againist the defense of the Camarilla and the Elisyum.
  • Esteemed by Prince Rafael Vila Real Tudor (São Paulo and Mogi) for defending the ideal of the Ivory Tower and for keeping peace in troubled times.

    Character Information

    Known History


    Christopher belive that the easiest and faster way to be caught in his job, is having other people to worry about. He doesn't believe in coteries.


  • Cecília M. Stills, Archon of Justicar Lucinde - Missing
  • Rafael Vila Real Tudor, Former Prince of São Paulo and Mogi das Cruzes - Deceased
  • Maria Eduarda de Alcântara Vieira, Seneschal of Parahyba - Deceased
  • Amanda Desrosiers, Harpy of Natal
  • Marcellus Renano, Former Sheriff of São Paulo


  • Bellatrix Van Hooves, Harpy of São Paulo - Deceased
  • Christian Wolfgang, Archbishop of São Paulo - Deceased
  • João Carniça, Killer of Gregory, his friend.


    Benjamin Ben-Tov - M.I.A.

    Benji, Child of Irina (Brujah elder of São Paulo) meet before his "death". Benji was a clan scholar and had fought for the freedom of São Paulo, in the attack known as "Ground Zero". After this day, he never was seen again. Christopher believes that the Sabbat is keeping him alive for he has too much information to be killed like that.


    Bruninha - K.I.A.

    Bruninha (little Bruna) was a kid who lived on the slums. She was the girlfriend of a drug dealer. Her childhood was seeing her mother beaten by her father and being raped after. Still a child, she fled to the streets and started to comit a few crimes. In her early teens joined drug traffic to earn money. Near 17, her best friend Fernanda (a.k.a. Nanda) slept with her boyfriend. Bruninha drove Nanda away from the slums and put fire on her former man. Major Embraced her after this.

    After a few years, in a wave of Sabbat attacks, Bruninha was taken and lit in fire alive. Chistopher believes it was a pack, who have as member Nanda and her "boyfriend" or whatever became of him.


    Valentina (affectionately called "Valente") is a martial artist student. As black belt in Karate and Brasilian Jiu-Jitsu, Valente was involved in some riots in Brasil, a few months before the world cup. Using his brawl abilities and leadership among the mortals, to lured Major atention. As soon as possible, Valente was "arrested" and "missing". Obviously she was embraced and start to use his "talents" to fight in another battle. This time aganist the Sabbat.


    Mr. Hope

    Hope is a diplomat. Christopher doesn't have much contact with him, but he seems to be the mind in all greater political action in which Christopher took part. After a year of distance, Hope and Christopher finally got together for a few months in São Paulo. After this, Chritopher went to Mogi and months later became Seneschal, on his way to become Prince. If this is a coincidence or not, nobody knows.

    Col. Theodore Nixon

    Theodore (a.k.a. Theo) is a brother in arms. Since breathing days, they fought side by side and their most important battle was against Hitler's forces in World War II. Nobody knows why they just took different paths and for so long, but something really happened. After years, they meet again as kindred. Christopher tought Theo everything he knows and they are together again, like classic rock n' roll bands that reunite after years of silence. Some say that Theo will return to Moscow, Dublin, London or Paris after dealing with the Sabbat in São Paulo. To where he goes, Cristopher doesn't care, the point is that both are fighting together again against the Sabbat.

    Character Inspirations

  • My old Grandpa, who was a WWII veteran
  • The Warriors
  • Hell´s Angrels'


    Prodigy - Thunder

    AC/DC - Thunderstruck

    T.N.T - AC/DC

    Hard Row - The Black Keys

    Love Me Two Times - The Doors

    I Fought the Law - The Clash

    The Fortune Son - Creeddance Clear Water Rivival

    Somebody to Love - Jefferson Airplane

    Gimme Shelter - The Rolling Stones

    The Animal - The House of Rising Sun

    In This River - Black Label Society

    O Tempo não Para - Cazuza

    Faz Parte do Meu Show - Cazuza


  • "Are you felling luck today, punk?"
  • "C'mon, give me you best shot!"
  • "Not today"
  • "To us, our species, honor means everything. But the only law, is Anarchy"
  • "No sugar, you pretty smile is saving you, not me."


    • Christopher is on a list of enemy in the Sabbat.
    • Christopher has hunted down a lot of Sabbat. He even captured a few alive.
    • He never lies. Even when threatening.
    • Wolfgang, Archbishop of São Paulo, fought side by side with Christopher. He wants to recruit him at all costs.
    • One day, someone said he couldn't have a child. He Embraced someone on the same night just to prove that he could. He then beat to torpor the person who said that.
    • He is an anarch
    • Chris is crazy and unstable
    • I trust more on my M1 Garand than you - Tapping the rifle