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Clan Tremere
Position Seneschal
Status 5 (+2)
Domain Columbus, OH
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity -
Player Traci Auerbach



"Laskey", "Lyds", Lydia Laskey

Public Name: Lydia Laurent

Concept: Reluctant Politician, Reformed Wallflower

Apparent Age: Late 20's

Physical description:
Lydia is unremarkable. She is not what one would call attractive, in fact, most of the time, she seems to dress unflatteringly. She had always been seen wearing black gloves and has a black shoulder bag that she often keeps books, paper and odds and ends she uses during court. As of the Conclave of 2011, she seems to have changed her palette to all white.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by former Prince Hugo Valentine in Columbus, Ohio, 11/15/09
Loyal by former Prince Hugo Valentine, 6/22/10
Dedicated by Jon-Apolo de Soult. 7/5/10
Inspiring by former Prince Bradley P. Lazarion, 1/2/11
Valiant by Prince Ryan Easley in Wheeling WV, 1/13/12
Cherished by Position
Esteemed by Position

Character Information


Known History

The childe of Archon Raymond Laskey, she made her first court appearance February of 2009 in Columbus, Ohio. A reserved botanist, she often spent her courts reading and avoiding large groups. Skittish and awkward socially, she avoided political contrivances and discussions; that is, until she was released from accounting, November 2009, when she became Lesser Harpy to Donovan Lewis.

He took her under his wing and began teaching her about the formalities of court and how to navigate Kindred politics. Around the same time, a marked change in her method of dress and personal grooming became apparent, and her black gloves became a signature.

Before Columbus' Grand Elysium in July of 2010, she became Tremere Clan Primogen. At her first annual Columbus Grand Elysium, Lydia was forced out of her shell and she kept herself busy attempting to put to use the lessons she had been learning.

When then Prince Hugo Valentine became an Archon, Lydia became somewhat reserved again. That is, until she was asked by former Prince Bradley P. Lazarion to replace his Seneschal. Since the Praxis claimed by Christopher Chicano, she returned to her position of Primogen for Clan Tremere and has pulled back from politics somewhat.

As of the Conclave of 2011, however, she began registering a change of name with the harpies gathered. Declaring July 7th 2011 to the Camarilla at large that she was changing her name to Lydia Laurent.

She is noted to be a proponent for humanity and would rather talk about botany than just about anything.

On Sunday, February 5th, with the death of Christopher Chicano Lydia Laurent became once again Seneschal of Columbus Ohio.


Michael Grim
Eric Kein
Raymond Laskey - (Archon)
Vanessa Morgan
Hugo Valentine – (Archon)
Ash Williams

Garrett Dannington - Deceased
Bradley P. Lazarion - Deceased
Donovan Lewis - Deceased
Darius Morphet – Deceased, 1/1/2011
Ralph MacKenzie - Deceased, 1/8/2012
Christopher Chicano - Deceased, 2/5/2012


None known


Archon Raymond Laskey


Jim Laskey - (Deceased)



Character Inspirations

Dr. Pamela Isley – Batman & Robin


Lydia the Tattooed Lady - Groucho Marx
No Need to Argue - The Cranberries
Bandages - Hot Hot Heat
Going Under - Evanesence
Love Song - Snake River Conspiracy
Wish I May - Ani DiFranco
Ne Me Quitte pas - Nina Simone
Haunted - Poe
Number One Crush - Garbage
In the End - Linkin Park
Wild - Poe
A Mistake - Fiona Apple
Metal Heart - Garbage
Next To Me - Civil Twilight


"I like flowers."
"She's a Toreador-safe zone." - said about her when she was at a table with *gorgeous* people and several Toreador.
"Don't tell me I look pretty tonight. I'm unattractive, not stupid."


  • Lydia's obsession with botany isn't a love of science, it's a survival tactic; She cannot feed off of people who eat meat.
  • Any lesbian will tell you, she is totally a lesbian.
  • She has "daddy" issues.
  • Wears arm-length gloves to cover scars from "cutting" before her embrace.
  • Has had romantic relations with several Ohio Kindred, including, Michael Grim, Ash Williams, Donovan Lewis, Vanessa Morgan, Garrett Dannington.
  • She tries to put on a strong front, but is actually quite emotionally fragile.
  • She has OCD, and really runs Columbus;
  • Her sire refuses to discuss her existence with anyone.
  • Her long list of deceased male 'allies' are actually carefully selected and executed representations of all of the men in her mortal life she could never act out against when she was breathing. Caution is advised.
  • Most recently seen in the Courts of St. Petersburg, Russia with some rather curious company.