Luis Fernando

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Clan Ventrue
Position Prince
Status 8
Domain Curitiba, Brazil
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Luis Fernando Mueller


Luis Fernando Mueller, Ventrue

Prince of Curitiba

Character Information

Concept: Chief Executive Officer

Known History

Arrived at Curitiba in December 2015.

Took Praxis in January 2016.


Henri Constantine Laroque


Daniel Roth


  • Had help from inside and outside the Camarilla to become Prince.
  • Traveled to Curitiba to take over a domain "ruled behind the throne" by Setites.
  • Destroyed the city Pharaoh with an axe.
  • Discovered his own Seneschal was secretly a Follower of Seth, and killed him.
  • Manipulates or is manipulated by everyone in his own domain.
  • Quotes

  • "I believe this will be profitable for you and for me."
  • Allies