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[[Archon Alecto]]/Angel LaRouge [Deceased]<BR> [[Adrian Serra]] [Deceased]<BR> [[Beatrice Kesch]]<BR>Conwell Bellatrix [deceased]<BR> [http://anarch.owbn.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Creeper Creeper] [Deceased]<BR> [[Isabella Visconti]]<BR> [[Jessica Moore]]<BR> [[Mark Richardson]]<BR> [[Moth Minos]] [Deceased]<BR> [[Peter Premysl]]<BR> Yitzhak
[[Archon Alecto]]/Angel LaRouge [Deceased]<BR> [[Adrian Serra]] [Deceased]<BR> [[Beatrice Kesch]]<BR>Conwell Bellatrix [deceased]<BR> [http://anarch.owbn.net/mediawiki/index.php?title=Creeper Creeper] [Deceased]<BR> [[Isabella Visconti]]<BR> [[Jessica Moore]]<BR> [[Mark Richardson]]<BR> [[Moth Minos]] [Deceased]<BR> [[Peter Premysl]]<BR>Vivian<BR> Yitzhak

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Clan Other
Position ???
Status 3
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Alicia


Lucy LaRouge

Alias(es): Lucy LaRouge, Lucy Trobairitz, and "Lucy, NO!"

Apparent Age: late 20s to early 30s

Concept: Gal escapes abusive parent after near death experience, only to find that the rest of the world is just as scary. Also, music. Has evolved into a space cadet, but tries to be helpful sort.

Physical description: Dark hair, light skin, roughly 5'7." 6 fully functional fingers on each hand. 6 fully functional toes on each foot. Pretty, but not gorgeous.

Character Information

Known History

Lucy is from France (accent shows when she gets very heated or confused). She dislikes discussing her past. She apparently moved to the US for the lulz in 2007. She travelled the country for a couple years in a Winnebago, playing piano at bars and coffee houses for gas money. She ended up in Los Angeles in 2009, and made friends! Due to a prophecy that she was following, she travelled to NorCal in 2010, eventually settling in San Francisco in 2011. She was under the accounting of Angel LaRouge (Archon Alecto), who adopted Lucy. She is considered one of the Toreador by many due to this. In recent past, she has acknowledged to being related to Adrian Serra to some friends. She has successfully not pissed anyone off too much... to her knowledge. She is still playing at bars and coffee houses for gas money. Click here to send money! ((OOC: link is a mailto for ACE STs))




Archon Alecto/Angel LaRouge [Deceased]
Adrian Serra [Deceased]
Beatrice Kesch
Conwell Bellatrix [deceased]
Creeper [Deceased]
Isabella Visconti
Jessica Moore
Mark Richardson
Moth Minos [Deceased]
Peter Premysl


None known


that B*tch






  • The vibrational sounds of the universe
  • The intake of breath when something delightful is seen, but before the resulting happy noise is vocalized
  • endless, pointless, piano bar music
  • The sound of shoulders sagging when one realizes they are alone in a sea of people at a party
  • Chatter on a bus
  • Beautiful humming of no particular tune


  • What's wrong?
  • ...
  • (vibrates with anxiety)
  • Hi, Fred!


  • She has a live jackalope.
  • The necklace she always wears is Adrian Serra's.
  • One of her fingers is fake.
  • It has been noted that her friends sometimes turn alarmingly evil.
  • She's kind of an idiot.

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