Lorraine Baudelaire

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Clan Malkavian
Position Prince
Status 6+3
Domain Fortaleza, Brazil
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity ???
Player Player Name


Lorraine - Reference Photo


Real Name:

Apparent Age:
18 years


Physical description:
Dark brown eyes and hair, curly and long. Very white skin, about 5'3. She has a defined but not fit body.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Valerie de Lamare, former Prince of São Paulo
Trustworthy by Manoel Matarazzo, former Prince of Forte Norte
Eficient by Jesus da Lua, former Prince of Natal
Dedicated by "Oracle", Malkavian Elder of Natal
Admired by Peregrino de Carvalho, former Prince of Parahyba
Glorified by Uriel de Évora, former Prince of Natal
Exalted, Well Known and Famous by position

Character Information

Known History

Lorraine Baudelaire

Former Malkavian Primogen of Natal e Forte Norte from 2003 until 2010
Prince of Fortaleza from 2010

MALKAVIAN ONLY Former Enlighted of North/Northeast Brazil from 2008 until 2010





Hanna D´Ark


Marcela Figueiroa (deceased)
Avalon (deceased)
Clarisse Hans (deceased)
Anita Dias Campelo


Character Inspirations




  • She doesn't like Tremere
  • She practices witchcraft on the beaches of the seaside of her city
  • She punished her own husband to get support to be Prince of Fortaleza
  • Was chased by Moebius for years because she won over him on a combat and he feared her
  • MALKAVIAN ONLY Is responsible for the disappearance of Ana Sophia, the Little-Box Ballerina, because she was her competitor to be Enlighted position of their region
  • MALKAVIAN ONLY Became Enlighted to have more clan prestige, eventhough she never helped anybody in her region.