Lorenzo de' Medici

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Clan Followers of Set
Position Scourge
Status 6+1
Domain La Crosse, WI
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Unknown ???
Player Jason Mills


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Alias(es): The Medici Pharaoh

Real Name: Lorenzo de' Medici

Apparent Age: 43

Concept: Lorenzo de' Medici

Physical description: Pleasant looking business man.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Esteemed
  • Feared
  • Loyal
  • Well-Known
  • Sanctioned
  • Feared as Scourge of La Crosse

Character Information

Known History

Hailing from the famous Medici family, Lorenzo makes few efforts to conceal his true identity from other kindred. As to how the Italian statesman came to be a part of the Followers of Set, Lorenzo himself will only offhandedly refer to Easter Sunday of 1478...
Upon first arriving in the states in 1996, Lorenzo set up camp in Winona where he headed ARBCO Inc., BROCA Shipping, and Reptilla Records. He continued to enjoy his role as a patron of the arts, and has funded many Camarilla leaders from both Winona, MN and La Crosse, WI. Rumor has it that he's taken part in the execution of a few of them as well (after they'd gone bad, of course). Years ago Lorenzo founded a coalition of the nonaligned clans called "The Board" before becoming an Acknowledged member of the Camarilla. He was once elected by the Camarilla Primogen of Winona to serve as the Prince of War alongside Prince David Anthony, was made the Grande Harpy by Prince Tungsten, served as Sheriff, Harpy, and Scourge to many of La Crosse's Princes, and currently openly holds the position of Scourge in La Crosse.
The Medici Pharaoh has founded many temples scattered about the Midwest, including ones in Rochester, MN, Red Wing, MN, Winona, MN, Trempealeau, WI, and La Crosse, WI. The largest is purported to be a place called "Eden" where Followers are able to openly worship Set.
Lorenzo was the first Follower of Set to take the title of "Pharaoh" in the United States, and his onetime partner, Rev. Khra was the first to take the title of High Priest.
The Don has been "killed" on four or five separate occasions, and each time he has returned from the proverbial grave with a wink and a grin. He is a sneak (though not much of a liar), a cunning and vile opponent, a cheat and perhaps the best friend you could ever have.
Lorenzo currently serves as the Pharaoh of the Midwest to the Followers of Set and is devoted to the dark god's cause. Even so, he claims that there is no conflict between his religious beliefs or clan and his loyalty to the Camarilla and its cause.


Such distasteful things.


Any and all who would like him to be.


Things you shouldn't let live.




Too many to mention. "Fang condoms" are often a topic of conversation around Lorenzo for some reason.



Character Inspirations

Lorenzo de' Medici


"Trust in Me" from Disney's The Jungle Book


"To a well trained warrior, a sword is a crutch that need only be used as a last resort."


Lorenzo was "Loretta de' Medici" for a time.
Killed more Setites than most "Setite hunters."
He once went for a wild ride as a snake in a dryer.
Lorenzo used to be married to a member of the Toreador clan.
A Malk may have stuck a sword in the original Jefferson Davis, but it was Lorenzo that killed him.
Lorenzo really didn't like the DMH after they kidnapped his daughter and killed Victoria Sinclair.
Once made Rachel Violet Eiken very nervous by getting a wild eyed look and claiming to be the Embodiment of Set on Earth.
Keeps the Setites of La Crosse in line, and makes sure they "remain useful" to the Camarilla
Has more political influence than many Princes.
Claims to have put "off switches" in his children
Is in fact the creature in the night that new sires warn their childer about.