Logan Velario

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Clan Toreador
Position Keeper of Elysium
Status 3 +1
Domain Tampa, FL
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Grant


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Minny Vinny, by Prince Truelove

Real Name: Logan Velario

Apparent Age: Early 20's

Concept: Puzzle solver, enigma specialist, investigator/detective


  • Acknowledged: Prince Benedic, Las Vegas Nevada
  • Insightful: Skylar Reeves, Toreador Primogen
  • Driven: Skylar Reeves, Toreador Primogen
  • Honorable as Keeper of Tampa Florida

Character Information

Logan is readily accessible to the whole of the Camarilla. He has a passion for investigation these nights and puzzles. He hosted an event that orchestrated a scavenger hunt through the solving of riddles, all leading to a grand prize of a flawless suit of Kevlar armor, crafted by himself, and a priceless bookmark created by the talented Ms Poppy. He is a fan of sport involving puzzles, enigmas, and his talent for investigation.

Logan carries himself with polite mannerisms and has been referred to as a "smooth talker". His passion for art has been noted as things more hands-on and practical while still holding a candle for artistic flare. He is very vocal about his passion for protecting clan Toreador and helping guide new Kindred to a brighter future within the Ivory Tower.

If you are ever visiting Tampa, you can rely on seeing Logan alongside Primogen Marwan greeting new visitors and exchanging some comical banter between themselves and toward the other Kindred visiting the Salon. He isn't known as a particularly comical individual through his talents, but he shows a natural aptitude for such an art.

Physical Description

Logan is roughly 6'1, his eyes are blue and his smile is flawless. He carries himself with strict etiquette among most kindred when traveling, but has been known to relax and act a little more non nonchalant when in Tampa. He has dark hair and fair skin obviously not of an ethnic background before embrace, he has a small white spot on the side of his head that stands out sharply against his dark hair. His muscle structure isn't very defined and his face is soft much like a child. He wears a variety of clothes ranging from dress shoes and shirts to sweat pants and t-shirts it all really depends; some people claim to have even seen him in flip flops.

Known History

Logan served as Vincent's ghoul during an extended stay in Las Vegas when he was trying to revisit a time when he was not even an Acknowledged Kindred. Logan and Vinny grew close in this relationship in a way similar to that of a father and son. Logan was taught the beauty of art by his future Sire, but after Embrace picked more practical terms that not only worked as art, but worked in a useful way as more than just something to look at. When Vinny received right of Progeny, he Embraced Logan and took him under his own Accounting and saw to his Acknowledgment. Vinny went on his way down the path that brought him to Baltimore to live his life up to what we know of it now. Logan stayed behind to do some soul-searching and find his niche.

Logan garnered all current standing to his name from Primogen Skylar Reeves, Clan Toreador. Logan assisted not only the Sheriff's Office faithfully, but also managed to juggle his time effectively enough to equally assist the Keeper's Office. Due to his many successes throughout his nights, he was seen as not only a Driven* individual on one case, but also Insightful* on a separate occasion. Logan went off the map early in Kindred life and recently popped back up on the radar as a rising star in Tampa's Court.

Logan's second appearance at Tampa's Gathering is when he truly showed his potential to the Domain of Tampa. Traveling in the Astral realm to investigate a crazed riot at a local hospital, he was able to connect the dots with the Malkavian Primogen to discover the presence of an old enemy of Prince Truelove, Mother May I/Undertaker. She was summoned and brought to her Final Death by the supporters of Truelove's Praxis.

Within the next few months, Logan assisted the Sheriff's office in discovering the thieves of Elder Weiss's property. Risking his life in the Astral Realm numerous times, he investigated a force that had been rallied to host a high-stakes auction, where the individuals who robbed Elder Weiss planned to auction the property off in hopes to gain something worth more to them than the Tablet that had been stolen. Elder Weiss received the tablet back to his estate with no small contribution from Logan to the investigation of Sheriff Borislav.

Logan was shortly promoted to Deputy Keeper in order to begin the training to take over the position when he was more prepared and well-versed in the ways of the office. Things worked out well enough as he is now known as Keeper Velario.

His latest noticeable contribution is his dedication to the "Tampa Beautification Project", Logan has funded health fairs for the mortal population and orchestrated large city-wide cleaning expeditions to help Tampa profit from its Kindred in a more peaceful time, when such frivolous advances can be made while the enemies of the Camarilla have been cast away and time allows the Court to rebuild.

Role Models

Cassandra Sumner: She has a knack of pushing an individual to better themselves in a way that fits them best. She prioritizes knowledge over many other things that many Kindred would place at the forefront of importance.

Shaun Williams: A true master of the mortal sway game. His extreme handle within his Domain and his ability to manipulate throughout the nation is something that Logan longs to be capable of.


Vincent Velario: Some may have heard Logan make side-handed comments against his Sire and their communications. It's possible that he holds some resentment toward their lack of communication.


Victoria Velario: She holds herself with an esteem and etiquette that outshines many a Kindred these nights. This is a habit that Logan has developed to better himself as Keeper and an entertainer.


"I found a Teacher and took it upon myself to learn how to become the contribution I am today. Why should I be putting forth such efforts to others that can do the same things?" Directed to Primogen Alger Weiss, Elder Ventrue

"Yes Mr Weiss, thank you for your advice." Same conversation miraculously different tune


  • Logan Velario is obsessed with the Astral Realm.
  • Logan's addiction to solving the puzzle placed in front of him causes a dreadful tunnel vision when placed in the direction of a goal.
  • There is a passionate disdain to Neonates whom take their place within the Camarilla and serve their own selfish personal agenda and ignore the status of their Domain. He has been encouraged to not judge such Neonates so harshly, but teach them like he had been taught himself.
  • Was abducted and placed into the Warrens of Tampa by an Assamite, and forced to participate in a "Rat Race".
  • Really an Elder of his Clan; he has worked out a plan alongside Alger Weiss to show Tampa what their Neonates are really capable of.