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[[Johnathan Gwynn]],
*[[Johnathan Gwynn]]
[[Calliope Van Horne]],
*[[Calliope Van Horne]]
[[Sariel of the Sefirot]] (aka Cameron Poe)(deceased),
*[[Sariel of the Sefirot]] (aka Cameron Poe)(deceased)
[[Gabriel of the Sefirot]],
*[[Gabriel of the Sefirot]]
[[Khamael of the Sefirot]],
*[[Khamael of the Sefirot]]
[[Dicky Redman]],
*[[Dicky Redman]]
[[Joe Evans]],
*[[Joe Evans]]
[[Vincent Velario]],
*[[Vincent Velario]]
[[Eva Luna]],
*[[Eva Luna]]
[[Vincent Velario]],
*[[Vincent Velario]]
[[James Gunnerson (deceased)]],
*[[James Gunnerson (deceased)]]
[[Sheniver Dubois]],
*[[Sheniver Dubois]]
[[Chantel Rousseau]],
*[[Chantel Rousseau]]
[[Alice Liddell]],
*[[Alice Liddell]]

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Clan Toreador
Position Seneschal
Status 6+2
Domain Greater NY
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player Janel Norris


Alias(es): Lilyan Elizabeth Townsend,

Apparent Age: 21

Concept: archeologist British socialite

Physical description: Lily is 5' 7" with very fair skin. She has bright blue eyes and is very lovely. Her hair is a soft brown that falls to her waist in loose ringlets though it is usually tied up in elaborate ways. She moves very gracefully and is impeccably dressed at all times. very poised. She is often found wearing a black trench coat with a shield painted on the back with a Celtic knot design made of thorns with the Latin phrase "Shield of thorns" underneath it. Gorgeous x3 Seductive x2 alluring x2 enchanting voice

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged by Mukhtar Bey Egypt
  • Admired by word of Julian St. John, former Prince of Eastern CT
  • Cherished by word of Patrick Cross, former prince of Westchester, NY
  • Inspiring by word of Shenivier Dubois, Former Prince of DC
  • Valiant by word of Shenivier Dubois, Former Prince of DC
  • Praised by word of Johnathan Evans Prince of Greater NY
  • Esteemed Seneschal
  • Cherished Seneschal

Character Information

Known History

  • Only daughter of wealthy British socialites
  • Lived in Egypt as an archeologist until 1930s
  • became a famous painter
  • Harpy of Westchester NY for 3 years
  • Formerly Prince of Westchester NY





None Living


  • Unknown to most


  • none


Sariel of the Sefirot (aka Cameron Poe)

Character Inspirations

Rachel Weisz as Evy Carnahan in The Mummy trilogy



"While I am the master of violence in silettos it's always good to be prepared." Lilyan Townsend


Lily is rumored to be something of a defender of the Toreador quick to come to the aid of younger clanmates

Is, in fact, the fairest of them all.