Liana Masters

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Clan Tremere
Position Primogen
Status 6 + 1 + 2
Domain Philadelphia, PA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Sarah C.




Real Name: originally introduced in Baltimore as Liana Manchineel, then spent some time as Liana Cage

Apparent Age: 25 - 30 (Ghoul)

Concept: servitor ghoul thrust into life as a vampire; "The corps is mother, the corps is father."

Physical description: Liana seems to wear the same possession suit frequently, a rather plain woman in her late 20s. Only a few remain from the pre-embrace days in Baltimore who remember what her real face was. She hasn't been seen publicly in her own form in at least 3 years. Those few who have seen her since her embrace have seen that Liana was terribly scarred by vicissitude just prior to her embrace and remains quite affected by it.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by former Prince Benjamin Miller of Baltimore, MD
Insightful by former Prince Bianca Rambaldi of Philadelphia, PA
Feared by Prince Rook of Annapolis, MD
Efficient by Prince Rook of Annapolis, MD

Resourceful by Prince Rook of Annapolis, MD
Revered (by Position as Primogen of Philadelphia, PA)

Dignitary of the Camarilla

Luminary of the Camarilla

Character Information

Known History

Liana was previously known in Baltimore as Liana Manchineel, a ghoul to former Tremere elders Masters, Hathaway and Colchester. She was known to be the childe of William Shultz, adopting the name of the female line "Cage". She moved to Philadelphia to be Primogen and later Seneschal under Rylis Hannalore. After a public fracas, she stripped herself of standing for actions unbecoming of a higher standing kindred and took an extended trip to perform duties for the Clan. She is known to have expertise in plants, clockwork, and controlling the weather. For those who met her some years ago, she is markedly more personable and understanding of the modern idiom that she was previously. She has of late been discussing her quest to understand emotions... ad nauseam.

Became Njal the Gangrel's last student of the sword and pledged to give him a proper Norse funeral when she can find his sunken longboat. She seems to be spending a lot more time around Gangrel in the last year or two.

Just recently Liana has gone public with the fact that she is not in fact the childe of William Shultz and has taken the new last name of Masters.

She moved back to Philadelphia where she became Tremere Primogen again.

Tremere only: Daughter of the Crone and Regent


No one ever asked her to be in one.. *huff* Oh wait, the Tremere are the dirtiest, deadliest coterie ever.


Roderick King
Evelyn Landrake
Max Anderson Tony Angelo


Rylis Hannalore (deceased)
Alejandra Cage


A tremere formerly of Baltimore named Masters (unconfirmed)


Harrison Jones

Character Inspirations

Talia Winters, Lyta Alexander - Babylon 5


"Step right up. No offer too small. No magical object too useless. Tonight we have this very special fridge. Keeps your ice cream perfectly preserved and edible. Will never go bad. But just ice cream. We can't all have what we want. Everything else goes bad." - Liana at her magical item fire sale in May 2013

"I just got hugged by Prince Eddie Dervish. This night just keeps getting weirder and weirder." - Liana


-She created a clockwork spider for auction that created a stir that she (and it) might be infernal
-She created a blood orange plant hybrid as a gift for Vermillion, former Harpy of Baltimore, MD who was later found to be infernal months later. At least one kindred took offense to the creation and demanded she un-make it. She didn't.
-She uses the bodies of her victims as compost for one-of-a-kind plants.
-She came back from Hel, the Norse death realm and... was investigated for being infernal.
-Offers to give people Ent-rides.
-Believes in reincarnation and hates Giovanni for arresting the progress of a soul to its next destination.
-Conducts kindred funeral services on request and has been heard discussing the terrible lack of final directives for kindred.
-Owner of "The Pedo-Van", one of Harlen Miles' favorite places.
-She has had a falling out with the majority of her clan but remains one of the only four Tremere allowed in Annapolis by Prince Rook's decree.
-Fiona MacGregor has suddenly become fascinated by the magical properties of some of Liana's objects. Who knows whether the delicious BLT edible by kindred will go bad in the fridge that only keeps ice cream edible and makes everything else go bad? Stay tuned...