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Clan Brujah
Status 1
Domain Iowa City, IA
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player Caity


Alias(es): Princess, Calamity Jane, or Freckles

Real Name: Lillian-Evelyn Nanette Ashbury

Apparent Age: 17

Concept: Shieldmaiden

Physical description:Lena! is 5'5" tall, she's wiry and athletically built. She has sunny blond hair with blue-green eyes and freckles that cover her entire face. Easily mistaken for a human (Blush of Health) and is known to make good first impressions (Friendly Face)

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Like the Phoenix, she rises...

Known History

2008 In the summer of 2008, Lena appears for the first time in Iowa City, Iowa. She is a rambunctious Anarch who tells stories of blowing up shrubbery and several conquests. She catches the eyes of several noteworthy kindred quickly, these include Zio!, Chester Black, and several ganrel within Iowa.

Something happens in Autumn of 2008 in the Anarch territory of Waverly that leaves Lena claiming she's done being a liason between the Anarchs and the Camarilla. She is taken under the wings of Daniel "Mac" McDonald and Zio!, as well is seen spending most of her time at gatherings with several Gangrel, including Amber, Daniel Bronson, Charlotte Parfois, and Alex Rhoades

In winter of 2008 Lena expresses the desire to bite the bullet and join the Camarilla officially. She can be described as excited and nervous at the same time.

It has been debated as to what made her decide on leaving the Anarch movement. She has been known to claim that the reasoning for this involved a group of Anarchs in Waverly, Iowa, selling her to Police Hunters so that they could proceed with dealings with the Sabbat as well as a other supernaturals. When she was left by them, the Camarilla saved her and in a debt of gratitude, Lena agreed to join the Camarilla.

2009 At the Midwinter Gathering of 2009, Lena is taken under a joint Accounting under Chester Black and Zio!. She makes her public debut amongst Camarilla citizens. And seems more reluctant and nervous than she ever had been before. When she wasn't hiding behind one of her Brujah guardians, she was seen relaxing with the Gangrel and playing games with them.

The accounting was a short one, as Lena already knew the traditions and, having resided within a Camarilla domain for a while, had displayed numerous counts of loyalty to her new sect. In March of 2009, Lena! received her Acknowledgment from John Ragner in Iowa City, as well as was officially adopted into Zio!'s family, officially receiving her "!" which she has since used in almost all over her missives.

Shortly after receiving her Acknowledgment, Lena! publicly had a row with John Ragner where he had called her out on her behavior on Elysium, and when asked what she had done wrong, Lena! was received with dodgy behavior from the Prince as well as being verbally scolded by Former Archon Pavel Nadolski for questioning a Prince publicly. She proceeded to ask what she had done wrong, besides mention the mere name of a neighboring prince, and for her pertinence was stripped of her Acknowledgment. John Ragner ordered Lena! to be brought to him by his scourge and several other people, including Matthias Blackstone, and she managed to elude their grasp. It was later revealed to her that John Ragner spread the word of her being a coward and running away from him, when she was in fact evading his attempts to murder her for standing up to his sadistic humiliation. She was taken under the accounting of Chester Black right after and several Kindred outside of Iowa City congratulated Lena! for standing up to John Ragner and doing what needed to be done.

For the next six months, very few people heard from Lena!, however she still managed to visit Iowa once to mourn the death of her friend and mentor, Misty Lynch-Tyr. She was seen in Iowa City a couple times, though often not allowed to leave the side of Chester Black and often was discouraged from talking to other men. The reports of those that did see her during this time said she frequently asked about her friends back in Iowa, prominently Daniel Bronson and Amber. She was often reported to be sad and longing for home, sometimes even described as being princess captured in a castle.

In September, a group of Kindred in the coterie known as "Team Fail" traveled to the Twin Cities to encourage Chester Black to release Lena! from the accounting and bestow upon her the title of *Acknowledged. This group consisted of Daniel "Mac" McDonald, Zio!, Daniel Bronson, Fifi!, Ted Freeman, and Noctis. That night there was a raid by the Sabbat on the Twin Cities and the Team gathered to help in the battle, as did Lena!. The domain of the Twin Cities had several warriors and volunteers that night and three groups were made to defend against the attack. Lena! was placed in a group with Chester Black, Ted Freeman, Horace Mansfield-Rhumer, and a few others. While Lena was still under the accounting, she followed Chet's orders to the letter, even though she hadn't seen real combat for a long time. Lena and Ted fought to stay with the rest of the team, but they resigned to listened to the Prince's orders and stay on his team. Their team was attacked by beasts created by the Sabbat that were immune to the powers of Lena!'s presence. In an act to save himself and catch up with Horace Mansfield-Rhumer, Chester ran from the battle leaving Lena and Ted to fend for themselves. Lena, resigned to die, having seen her loved ones after so long, took Ted's arm to throw him from the wake of the attack. In that split moment, Ted spoke to Lena! saying "They didn't come here for me, they came for you. You're going to survive." and threw her from the beasts, sacrificing himself for her life. Ted perished in the fight against the beasts. Lena was left alone, but alive, and fleeing she made her way back to her friends.


2011 (Under Construction)

Declared Praxis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa on the evening of June 3rd, 2011
Was Conclaved and removed from Praxis on January 18, 2013


Team Fail/Freeman (Disbanded)


Isabella Rodriguez
Daniel "Mac" McDonald
Oliver Freigh
Rasputin Volnilcov
Prince Murray
Prince Tommy Truelove
Tony Maietta
Jonathan Slate
Autolycus Fell
Chloe Davidson
Kit Dillon
Edward "Eddie" Lincoln
Morgan Wynn Howell
Luni the Wise
Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange
Cricket Mariott
Archon Jacob Black
Elias Beecher
Sadie Court
Masako Hara
Katja Nothing
John Cutter

Daniel Bronson (Deceased)
Zio! (Deceased)
Paul Walker(Deceased)
Ambrosio Valez de Leon(Deceased)
Pinky Wheeler(Deceased)
Matthias Blackstone (Deceased)
Misty Tyr (Deceased)
Noctis (Deceased)
Nikolaus Athanasius(Deceased)
Aleister Blackwell(Deceased)


John Ragner
Sara Durward
Dugan McKinney(Deceased)




Anthony "Tony!" Black (Adopted & Deceased)


Fiona "Fifi!" LeStrange (adoptive)
Zoey! (adopted & deceased)
Foxxxy! (adoptive)

Character Inspirations

MacKayla Lane from Karen Marie Moning's Fever Series
Éowyn - The Lord of the Rings
Scarlett O'Hara - Gone with the Wind
Catherine Earnshaw - Wuthering Heights



"Let's be serious here Chet, you didn't want a Childe, you wanted a Princess you could lock up in a tower. And last I checked, little birds didn't fly into my haven and braid my fucking hair for me." Lena!'s comments to Chester Black a few months after she left his accounting.

"I will never kill a Camarilla citizen, no lesson is ever learned in death. It is final and allows for no growth and change in one's actions. Plus, it only garners unnecessary resentment." - Lena! on killing.

"...Besides, they (Meaning Team Fail) didn't come here for me, they came here for you." - Ted Freeman's last words before he gave his life saving Lena!'s in Twin Cities.

"To me, the true sin is inaction and I'm not good at being a passive person." - Lena!

"You tell me not to die, but I don't fear death. I've made enough of a difference where my death will only make me immortal... You need to stand up and be heard."-Lena!

"I'm going to ride that..." - Lena!'s reaction when faced with a 50' tall river giant that resembled a certain elder got from H.P. Lovecraft's writing.

"My earlier question having been answered, I would remind kindred that animals are more dangerous when they are wounded." -Augustine St. Just


  • Her eyes change color when she's about to frenzy
  • Helped her sire kill a Balrog.
  • Little birds fly into her haven and braid her hair for her.
  • Is known to introduce herself to Camarilla domains by blowing up trees or shrubbery.
  • Was one of the people involved in the praxis seizure against former Prince John Ragner
  • Killed Cricket Mariott in a praxis seizure.
  • Has been investigated by several Archons to multiple Justicars for her behavioral issues.
  • Buried Zio!'s hatchet into Jaroslav Pascek's desk.
  • Has become fascinated with death and the occult.
  • Has a pet deer named "Two-Spots" and a pet Basset Hound named "Benji". Seemingly a friend to all animals, great and small.
  • Has ridden a talking bear, a sewer monster, a dragon, a giant catfish, a giant crab, and a river giant.
  • Was sent from the future to keep the Camarilla domains in Iowa from falling to the Sabbat.
  • Stole several Go-Karts one night in Cedar Falls, then created a 'Brujah fort' in the main room at Gather.
  • Has been taking care of a wide variety of young Brujah lately.
  • Lost her eyes as a punishment from a Judicial Conclave.
    • Most of her clan didn't seem to notice.