Kurt Mehmet

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 0
Domain None
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Greg Hacke

Kurt has left the Camarilla and joined the Sabbat.


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Alias(es): No known aliases

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 35

Concept: Fallen Warrior

Physical description: Tall and lean, Kurt does not stand out in most crowds. Obviously of European origin, he is broad shouldered and tan with militant-cut blond hair. Normally dressed in jeans and a collared shirt, he is known to add a sport coat for formal occasions and a vest for combative ones.

Former Status:

  • Acknowledged by Prince John Keats of Columbus, 2002
  • Dedicated by Prince John Keats of Columbus, 2002
  • Loyal by Prince Joshua Swan of Columbus, 2002
  • Honorable by Prince Indigo of Columbus, 2003
  • Dutiful by Prince Selene Lazarion of Columbus, 2004

Character Information

Known History

Should he arrive in your domain, note that he is a member of the Rebellion and will be treated as such.


Kurt has not been known to affiliate himself with any coteries.


Any members of the Camarilla who consider him an ally would be working in coordination with the Sabbat and pay the penalties of such.


The Camarilla


Annan Salib


Lucas Grunwald


Kurt has no broodmates. His sire was destroyed with the Schism and thus he remains without immediate kin.

Character Inspirations

One part Benjamin L. Willard while striving to avoid becoming the jaded Walter E. Kurtz




I don't do Get'em-Ray

(CoH Only) We have all violated the Law of the Eldest


  • He's good people.
  • He claims to have an alliance with Clan Ventrue or Toreador, depending upon whom you ask.
  • Kurt Mehmet fled the Domain of Cleveland before he could be destroyed by the Tremere.
  • A recent personal crisis has prompted Kurt to reconsider his place within the Camarilla, the clan, and the world at large. While his moral compass has not shifted, the avenues through which he once worked are no longer...suitable.
  • Has a rivalry with Donovan Lewis stemming from a public shouting match in Cleveland.
  • Currently missing in action, some members of the clan are quietly panicked about where the warrior perhaps ended up...