Kovacs Kavachi

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Clan Ravnos
Position Sheriff of Iowa City
Status Tenacious, Feared (positional)
Domain Iowa City
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player Player Name


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Real Name: Kovacs Kavachi

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: He doesn't fit nicely into boxes.

Physical description: 5'11 black hair and beard. Lean with a number of tattoos.

Detailed Status:

Character Information

Known History

Kovacs Kavachi was born in some unknown part of eastern Europe. His parents are unknown to him all that he knows is that his blood comes from the gypsy line of the Phuri Dae. His parents left him with his “grandmother” an elder of that same bloodline when he was little older then a baby. Raised in a traveling kumpania he was blessed with the gift of foresight and was taught to harness his gift in the years of his youth studying with his grandmother various forms of divination, ways to see what a gajo was after in getting a reading from him and how to best bilk these marks. During these young years he traveled Europe with his new family until they hitched a ride on a boat from France during the late 1800's. While he spent most of his time with his grandmother learning the history and lore of his family he also enjoyed the brightly colored bashes the tribe would throw. During one such party, when a number of the kumpaniyi met to celebrate, he met and fell in love with a beautiful girl of the Urmen tribe. Fairy blood sang in her body and moonlight danced in her hair. As she spun through the camp and scarves danced around her body he saw them joined and wed. So as the party began to wind down he found her beside her wagon and made her his. With the passing of the new moon they were married. He taught her to read cards and tea leaves and the charts of the stars. As she taught him some of the scarf dance specific to the gypsy lineage.

A few years later when the kumpania had returned to

its place of entrance into the country[New Orleans] He was met in the french quarter with a man by the name of Vincent Cross. A leader of a promonent crimainal organazation he was having issues with some of the law enforcement in the area. After recieving a reading from Kovacs he turned the tides of his small battle with the law enfroment agents of New Orleans. In return he turned Kovacs and he joined the ranks of the undead.

When he returned to his caravan he went to his wife

and attempted to give her the embrace. His blood did not take and she died.When his grandmother found them like that him crying over her corpse she cursed her and as his gift brought them to this point she broke his gift cursing him with the Cassandra Complex. At this he left his caravan and his possesions with his grandmother to give to Lazras [his baby son] when he came of age. Wrapping his wifes talith about his neck he turned and left his family behind foreaver.

He spent the next few years wandering the American

wilderness honing his ability to survive on his own. He made a number of contacts among the other shilmulo and even found a place with them for a time. The week of nightmares ended that rather quickly. Before the madness of that week began his gift of sight showed him what was to come he saw the viscous battle that would ensue around his ancient liege and the powers that were brought to bear on him. He went to tell his new friends among his family but as always seemed to happen to him his elder did not believe him and when the first waves of madness and chimerical horror ensued they blamed him and tried to attack him just as the antediluvian died and cursed his childer to destroy each other. When the madness ended and the uncontrolled powers stopped he found himself on the floor of his elders court and his mouth tasting of potent blood and ash. Without looking back he fled to the west and found his way to Fort Collins Colorado. When he arrived he found a junkyard on the edge of town and found it owned by a ghoul of the prince an older man and rather quiet he ran what could be called a full service motel using sun proof trunks. He slipped inside and found his way to one out of the way car and hid himself within where he fell into the deep sleep of torpor.

He awoke a few months later filled with a powerful

hunger and was greeted by the great niece of the ghoul that had previously owned the scrap yard. It seems it had been passed on to her during the months of his sleep and she had taken to using prostitutes and homeless as food for her boarders. After sating his hunger he was asked in begging tones to embrace her, stating that her “business“ was to dangerous for a mortal to run. Promising to find someone to give her the change and that until then he would help with the defense and protection of herself and her property. With this he began forming contacts with the kindred of the city helping those in need find there way to the scrap yard and safety when needed and helping cover the breaches of the masquerade whenever possible. His growing need to be hidden from those powers that destroyed the progenitor of his clan became his all consuming goal. He began spending much of his time with the mad seers of the Malkavian clan and the twisted monsters of the Nosferatu clan, this after he had helped the elder of their warren get to the scrap yard after being caught in some sort of fire fight with the sabbat. It was one of the mad men that he convinced to turn the girl in the scrap yard, named Snuffy by the surrounding area because of the prostitutes disappearing in her scrap yard and never returning to there pimps



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Vincent Cross





Character Inspirations

Jarlaxle Tyrion Lannester Takeshi Kovacs "It takes a thief" Discovery show