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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 2
Domain Cedar Rapids, IA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Callie J. Paar



Alias(es): None

Real Name: Kolev

Apparent Age: 17, though he could easily pass for the 15-16 range with his smallish stature

Concept: Modern teen Rom

Physical description:
Kolev stands at an even 5'3" tall, with a lithe, slender build that suggests some amount of flexibility. Looking at him, he has the body and build of a dancer, or maybe a professional thief. His bright violet hair falls to his shoulders in messy locks, a result of his constantly running his hands through it. Tanned skin resembling a lighter copper color creates a perfect backdrop to the big, baby blue eyes that most often hold suspicion and mistrust within their clever, delicate depths. With a pretty, androgynous face, Kolev is very often mistaken for a girl, especially when he wears baggy clothing.
Kolev dresses most often in loose enough clothing to allow movement, but close fitting enough that he cannot easily snag them on things. Usually, he wears jeans that have long since had the knees torn out, a T-shirt, and often a long-sleeved blue button up shirt over it. His clothes, like himself, are often covered lightly in dirt and grime. More recently, he has taken to wearing a nice suit when he goes to Camarilla gatherings. He almost always wears sandals; very rarely will anyone see him wear anything closed-toed on his feet.
He wears a lot of jewelry, but much of it changes. The things that stay the same are as follows: a black ribbon choker fastened with a button, several small golden hoop earrings along the outsides of his ears (one larger golden hoop at the lobe of his left ear), and a few rings. Of the rest, he wears a few other necklaces and several bracelets. He has several that are reminders, and several that are gifts.
Visible Merits/Flaws/Traits/Other: Appearance x5, Friendly Face

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by [Background NPC Prince in/around Memphis]
Dedicated by (former) Prince Daniel "Mac" McDonald

Character Information

Known History


  • Kolev gained his Acknowledgement six months after his Embrace near Memphis, Tennessee.
  • 2007

  • November: Kolev arrived in the domain of Cedar Falls, Iowa, then under the late Prince Henry Lynch.
  • 2008

  • January: Kolev, Trina Wendl, and Matthias Blackstone were almost successfully kidnapped by Dr. William Thornton, only to be rescued by then Sheriff of Cedar Falls Daniel "Mac" McDonald, the late Prince Jeremiah Nevermore, and several members of the Camarilla from both domains.
  • February: Kolev was seen as Respected by former Primogen Dubh prior to her stepping down, and was appointed Whip of Clan Malkavian by the more recently former Primogen John Smith.
  • Became Deputy Scourge of the domain of Cedar Rapids.
  • June: Kolev mourned the death of clanmate and dear friend, Saffron Lake, who died at the hands of Zio!.
  • Became Primogen of Clan Malkavian in the domain of Cedar Falls. [OOC: Sometime between June and September, still looking for the exact month.]
  • 2009

  • January: Kolev, Noctis, and former Prince Daniel "Mac" McDonald saved Matthias Blackstone from Snaps X, Snotrag (deceased), and Papa Gallows on a night that Dr. William Thornton appeared to the domain. Kolev and Trina later celebrated the announced death of Dr. Thornton at Midwinter.
  • May: Kolev and Trina's haven was invaded by Dr. Thornton in another attempt to abduct them, who was then thwarted by former Prince Daniel "Mac" McDonald, Matthias Blackstone, and others. Kolev openly expressed his outrage.
  • October: Dr. William Thornton visited the domain of Cedar Falls yet again, where a plan was devised by former Sheriff Daniel Branson (now deceased), Matthias Blackstone, and former Seneschal Rofello Martino [NPC] while former Prince McDonald was away. While following the plan, Kolev and Trina were accused of being associated with a known member of the Sabbat by Lena!, after she was barred access to the meeting taking place under the eye of former Seneschal Martino. This accusation was later investigated and announced as being false by former Prince Daniel "Mac" McDonald - one of Lena!'s coterie mates at the time - and later publicly announced as having also been investigated and found false by the then Archon Invidia (now known as Adrian Serra). Kolev and Trina had the support of many upstanding members of the Camarilla in this matter, including Lydia Trent, Lady Kavia Black, and many others. Kolev was stripped of his Respected title immediately following this incident by former Sheriff Daniel Branson, for reasons never thoroughly clarified during later investigation by former Harpy of Cedar Falls, Jade Alara.
  • 2010

  • January: Kolev moved to the domain of Cedar Rapids.
  • February: Became Harpy of the domain of Cedar Rapids.
  • September: Kolev left the Office of Harpy of the domain of Cedar Rapids to his Lesser, and went under the tutelage of Ysolde, a powerful Malkavian Elder (Camarilla).
  • 2011

  • January: Kolev returned from his learning to appear briefly at the Midwinter Elysium, which was the first time he was seen in public since August of 2010.
  • Spring: Kolev left for a needed visit to "his homelands."

  • [OOC: Don't remember which month/year Kolev was Dedicated; will list when found. History constantly under construction.]


    No known Coterie affiliations at this time.


  • It is well known that Kolev will almost always lend aid to his clanmates if there is a good reason behind it.
  • Adrian Serra
  • Aleister Blackwell
  • Alex Randall (deceased)
  • Chrisopher Brass
  • Corbin Fisher
  • Corrine Black
  • Cricket Marriott
  • Fracture
  • Gary Kowaleski
  • Hida Ken'ichi
  • Ike of Clan Brujah
  • Isaiah of Clan Malkavian
  • Archon Jacob Black
  • Jade Alara
  • Janet Blackthorne
  • "Jericho" Jesse Clayborne
  • Archon Jessica Kesch
  • John Doe
  • Jonathan McDermott
  • Julianna Kronin
  • Kordell Steiner
  • Kovacs Kavachi
  • Lady Kavia Black
  • Lizzy Lynch
  • The late LL Restax
  • Louise Hopkins
  • Lydia Trent
  • The late Misty Tyr
  • Mary LaSalle
  • Masako Hara
  • Matthias Blackstone
  • Noctis of Clan Nosferatu
  • Piscin
  • Rosaline Stuart Santoro
  • Sabrina Pandora
  • The late Saffron Lake
  • Archon Saul Good
  • Shayla Minea
  • Sheniver DuBois
  • Syeira Clayborne
  • Trina Wendl
  • Victor Von Housen
  • Zenobia Krzyzewski
  • Archon Zio!
  • Enemies

  • The late Daniel Branson
  • Dr. William Thornton
  • Papa Gallows
  • Sire



    None (Yet)



    Character Inspirations

  • James Hawkins (Treasure Planet); main inspiration
  • The music of OZone
  • Robin (Cartoon Network's Teen Titans)
  • Kurt Wagner (X-Men Evolution)
  • Rogue (X-Men movie, 2000)
  • Kick-Ass
  • Soundtrack

  • Amplified - Mr. Raindrop
  • Barenaked Ladies - Another Postcard
  • Barenaked Ladies - Fallin' for the First Time
  • Billy Joel - Pressure
  • Breaking Benjamin - Follow
  • Cage the Elephant - Back Against the Wall
  • Cage the Elephant - No Rest for the Wicked
  • John Rzeznik - I'm Still Here
  • Last Alliance - Shissou
  • Linkin Park - Faint
  • Melody & Mezzo - Nightshade
  • Muse - Uprising
  • Nightwish - Nemo
  • Offspring - Half-Truism
  • Offspring - Trust in You
  • Ozone - Dragostea Din Tei
  • Ozone - De Ce Plang Chitarele
  • Redlight King - Built to Last
  • Vladimir Vysotsky - Moskva-Odessa
  • VNV Nation - Illusion
  • Voltaire - Goodnight, Demon Slayer
  • Voltaire - Feathery Wings
  • Quotes

  • "Jekh dilo kerel but dile hai but dile keren dilimata." (English translation: "One madman makes many madmen and many madmen make madness.")
  • "Make sure you don't look like you. People notice you because of your hair. Make me notice you for you." -Rose Santoro
  • Rumors

  • Is really an Elder Malkavian.
  • Has found religion.