Katja Nothing

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Clan Brujah
Position Primogen
Status 5
Domain Chicago, IL
Coterie None known
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 000
Player Leia



Alias(es): Affectionately nicknamed Black Widow. Last names of previous husbands: Cross, Marix, Masters, Amadei, and most recently, Llyandryn. aka simply Katja Nothing. Recent nicknames overheard include "Ramona Flowers" and "Angelina".

Real Name: No one seems to know.

Apparent Age: early 20's

Concept: Seductress, survivor.

Physical description: Red hair, green eyes. Willowy. Very short and tiny - 4'11". Favors dark eye makeup, dark lipstick, and pants, though she will wear skirts and dresses when pressed. She tends to wear button-down shirts at her Court, shirts that seem to rapidly lose buttons on a predictable basis. Tends to stick to a black/red motif nearly all the time. Always, always, always in heels.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Feared by Prince James Jones of Champaign, IL
  • Revered by Prince Devon Creed of Chicago, IL
  • Cherished by Jack Sebastien, Brujah Primogen of Chicago.
  • Honorable by Prince Francis Merivein of Chicago, IL

Character Information

Kat at Court, photo by Meredith Gerber
She's been everywhere and nowhere. Always in the background, always the source of the cynicism, dry wit and scathing snark from the back of the room. When she'd gotten off the plane at O'Hare International Airport in September of 1997, she'd had a thick Russian accent, a moderate grasp of the English language, a pair of four-inch stiletto boots, a pack of cigarettes, a tattoo of six numbers on her left forearm, and jaded eyes. Only the accent and the linguistics have changed in the past thirteen years.

The woman is never seen in public without at least one man on her arm, whether it's a husband, a childer, a fellow clanmate, an Archon, a Prince...you name it. At large events and gatherings, she invariably has multiple dates...and an entourage to boot, mostly men of high standing and Camarilla position. She's left a string of dead husbands in her wake, none, she will assure you kindly, deceased by her own hand. Some of the Brujah call her "Black Widow" behind her back. And to her face.

But she can charm them, somehow; she's always got a wink and a smile, a throaty laugh and a sly sidelong look for those she calls "her boys". If she really likes you, she'll shower you with little endearments: pumpkin, sugar, honey, sweetheart, darling. She's fiercely protective and unendingly loyal to those she calls family. G-d help you if you so much as look at her childer sideways, or lay hands upon those that she loves.

It seems like she knows nearly everyone, almost everywhere. She boldly calls several Archons by their first names rather than their titles, reminding some of them not-so-subtly that she remembers when they were just little stripling things, learning at her knee or fighting by her side. At the Springfield Conclave of 2001, she'd gotten more applause than some of the Justicars when she was introduced, irritating then-Justicar Malaphar of the Tremere considerably.

She's not much like the rest of the Rabble, at least, as far as outward appearances go. Sure, she's quick-tempered, but that's pretty much where the similarity ends. She doesn't go in for pack mentality, and has dug in her heels on a number of issues that have occasionally put her at odds with her own Clan. Especially after she took Praxis of Chicago from Petronius. Now her speech is more florid and formal, her dress conservative, her smile a bit more forced, her movements deliberate, her alliances careful.

The attempt on her life seems to have changed her some. The removal of her position as Prince by the Justicariate definitely has. Time will tell if the change is for the better, or worse.

Known History

Was an inmate of Auschwitz prior to Embrace. A resident of Chicago since 1997. Has outlived four Kindred husbands in fifteen years. Originally a resident and one of the longest-standing Primogen of Chicago, she relocated briefly before the Siege of Chicago and resided in Champaign around the turn of the milennium under Princes James Jones and Philip Walkin. Was Archon Jon Sebastian's constant companion for several years, the two were rarely seen apart. Fought alongside former Justicar Masako during the Sabbat siege of Chicago in 2000 and returned permanently to reside in the city shortly thereafter. Took Praxis of Chicago from Justicar Titus Petronius Niger in December of 2009.

Attacked by two Sabbat assassins in front of the Drake Hotel on May 28, 2011 and presumed destroyed. Reemerged in Chicago and reclaimed her Praxis from Preston Jonas DeWinter almost exactly four months later on September 24, 2011.

After her reemergence in Kindred society, she was dogged by some highly disturbing rumors, most notably that she was an infernalist impostor. On November 26, 2011 she was publically cleared of all suspicion of infernalism by Archon Elias Beecher of Justicar Maris Streck's office and Archon Terminus of Justicar Titus Petronius Niger's office, as well as passing a private inquiry by Archon Saul Good of Justicar Cock Robin's office, and a personal inquiry by Justicar Jaroslav Pascek himself.

To sum it up: totes not infernal, y'all.

At the Midwinter gathering of 2012, she noticeably went missing from the battle with Moloch, earning more than a little spite and derision from those Brujah who claimed that she willfully ignored a Call to Arms. Her explanation that she was "fighting on a different front" was met with confusion. She also garnered a fair amount of scandal by attacking Archon Kate Davidson in front of hundreds of people, actually ripping out a huge chunk of her hair and throwing it on the ground as the Archon was walking Paul Walker into a private room for interrogation. It was later discovered to be a hairpiece.

Judicially conclaved at Midwinter 2013 and removed from her position as Prince of Chicago on January 18, 2013. She was also stripped of one of her Feared names. Details of this Conclave released recently are nebulous about what, if any, crimes she was found guilty of, but the oddly worded decision was released all the same. She was seen briefly the evening after this conclave wearing Jack Sebastien's clothes and looking pissed. She disappeared after the gathering...only to reappear in Chicago a month later, where she walked in escorted by new Prince Francis Merivein, and was immediately appointed Primogen.


"Oh darling, affiliation with coteries are so dangerous these days. I try to avoid them, and if you're smart, you will too."


Archon Jon Sebastian, (former) Archon Jack Sebastien (no relation), Archon Leonius Agrippa (deceased), Archon Victoria Hunter, Archon Zio! (deceased), Hazzan Marwan, Johnathan Gwynn, Prince Zphonco Davinovich, Khloe Hale, and Isabella Rodriguez, to name a scant handful. She may or may not have been involved politically or romantically with Sheldon Goldstein, briefly, depending on who you talk to. Surprisingly, she even claims a longtime Tremere ally, Philip Walkin, who has recently resurfaced in the Springfield area. She claims he is the only Tremere she has ever liked, and indeed, they have often been spotted together in public in recent months.

She is exceptionally fond of the Children of Haquim in general and very friendly with almost all members of that family locally, as well as a good handful nationally as well. She is often seen with at least one at her side.


The Tremere, in general, seem to really, really dislike her.

Refers to Paul Walker as her "nemesis", though rumor has it that they've recently decided to hate other people.

Ex-husband Emery Llyandryn has threatened her publicly, at her own Court.

Donovan Creave has threatened her repeatedly both in public and in private.

The assassins who attacked her in the Spring of 2011 are now dead...those who engineered it still live.

After ripping out Kate Davidson's weave very publicly at the Midwinter gathering in January 2012, it is likely she has not earned the Archon's friendship.

Albert Iverson can't seem to stop talking shit about her to anyone with a pair of ears.


Unknown. Was a drive-by embrace.


"Biological": Silas Christian, Oliver Freigh, Mila Nothing-Llyandryn

Considered Spectre Llyandryn her son, and no one really attempted to dissuade her of that notion. He was disowned after joining the Sabbat.



Character Inspirations

Physically, a young Shirley Manson. In concept, I owe a lot to Edith Hahn Beer and Art Spiegelman. And Marvel's Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow.


Femme Fatale

Green Eyed Redhead

The Only One I Trust

She's pretty much a walking embodiment of the Sophisticated As Hell trope.

And, duh.


Current themes:

"No Light, No Light" - Florence + The Machine

"Seven Devils" - Florence + The Machine

"This Place Is Death" - Deftones

"Absolution" - Gary Numan

Past Songs:

"Paradise Circus (Zed's Dead Remix)" - Massive Attack (VERY NSFW)

"Girls" - Marina and the Diamonds

"In These Shoes" - Kirsty MacColl

"Hell On Heels" - Pistol Annies



"She makes an excellent projectile." ~Jon Sebastian

"Katja Nothing is my kinda lady. Headstrong, intelligent, ambitious. It's too bad the Children of Haquim are dragging her down." -Johnathan Gwynn

"You're certainly not the typical Brujah." - Preston Jonas DeWinter

"I want to be you when I grow up." - Lena!

Paul Walker: "Emery, I'm sorry things didn't work out between you and Katja. I'm planning a golf outing next week for the rest of Katja's exes. You should come along."
Emery Llyandryn: "What? You guys have a club? Like the 7 Evil Exes from Scott Pilgrim?"
Paul Walker: "Oh, there's a lot more than 7 of us, Emery."

"I say the following with all appropriate respect to your station and accomplishments, but while you would be my very first choice if I were shopping for a pair of Manolo Blahniks, I don't think you would know what a demon looks like, let alone are infernal." - Archon Elias Beecher

Sabbat member: "You're the Prince of Chicago, huh? We're coming for you, girl."
Katja: (rolls eyes) "I call that Tuesday. You're coming for me, they're coming for me, the Tremere are coming for me...when is someone not coming for me? You're going to have to try harder than that to frighten me."

"I heard your ex-husband was going to be coming to court tonight." (beat) "Oh. I should probably narrow it down and tell you which one." - Christopher Matthews

Katja, to unknown: "A whole flock of birdies have been singing to me about what you've been up to lately. A friend of mine likes to say that we're never as clever as we think we are - and you, darling, are so not clever."

Lan Blackwood:"No more marriages? Don't you miss the honeymoons?"
Katja: "Darling, you don't even know. It's all honeymoon for me, now."

Katja, to an assemblage of Princes: "Children of Haqim are always, without hesitation, welcome in my city and at my Courts, and I have told them as much and asked them to tell their brothers of it as well. Despite the injuries I have suffered in recent nights, my offer to their family still stands and will remain standing as long as I am Prince of Chicago. If you don't want them in your City or on your Court, that's your business. I will gladly recieve your refugees with open arms in my own Domain."

"Archon de Soult, I have warned you multiple times: This is an Elysium, not a gun show." - Katja, on a certain archon's physique.

Katja, on recent events out East: "You think they screwed the pooch on this one? Total understatement. Not only did they screw the pooch, they videotaped it, and posted it on YouTube with 'Yakity Sax' playing in the background."

"I'm alive, I'm here. But they took it from me. He took it from me. I'm you now, Jack."

"If you really loved him, you'd have gone with him, Anya."

"You wasted our time. We will require more from you." - Titus Petronius Niger


  • All her dates to Midwinter have ended up as Archons within a year.
  • Was affiliated with the Setites for some time in the late nineties. She got over it.
  • It is speculated that some if not all of the individuals she claims are her "children" are not, in fact, her own.
  • Some think she may have been a Hunter childe rather than a real Brujah.
  • All of her children are instructed to address Victoria Hunter as "Auntie".
  • Malaphar wanted her destroyed at the 2001 Conclave for recieving more applause during presentations as her Clan representative than he did as a Justicar. Thus began her trouble with the Tremere.
  • Supposedly hates women, and only tolerates them publically because she has to.
  • One more than one occasion has tried to play matchmaker for Victoria Hunter. Katja just wants to see her settled down and happy.
  • Texts more than a fourteen-year old girl. Her phone rarely leaves her hand.
  • The murder attempt on Katja's life in 2011 may have been perpetrated by the Sabbat, but it was engineered and aided by the Tremere.
  • Paul Walker is the de facto leader of her League of Evil Exes.
    • With his death, the League is now in chaos.
  • Took home three of the Championship belts from The Belt Game at Midwinter 2011.
  • Was propositioned by Justicar Titus Petronius Niger after seizing Praxis of Chicago from him. She declined his advances.
  • Is infernal and an impostor claiming to be her.
    • Is infernal and part of a Lilith cult.
  • Is not infernal, and just has the luck of the Devil instead.
    • It's because she's a devout Jew and is one of the "chosen people".
  • Has a bit of a shoe fetish.
  • Has a secret lover.
  • The lover is a Tremere, which is why the Clan wants to kill her so badly.
    • Has been seen being very close to Philip Walkin since his reemergence in Kindred society.
      • Then, of course, there's this guy.
        • That guy is a dead man if someone finds out.
  • The lover is a Brujah, because she's "learned to stick with her own kind".
    • And by that we mean "angry pariahs".
      • If true, it would be her longest running relationship to date, an intriguing bit of trivia to say the least.
        • Publicly confirmed at the Grand Gathering in the Bay Area in May, to a distinct lack of surprise.
          • Which made her kind of sad.
  • The lover is an Archon of questionable reputation.
    • Or at least, he used to be. An archon, that is. He still has a questionable rep.
      • Now an Archon again. She warned him what would happen if she took him to Midwinter.
  • All of the above speculations are correct and she's two-timing them both.
  • Has refused Archonship positions three times, with two different Justicars.
  • Every last pair of her impossibly high heels have been refitted with wood, a trick she taught to Victoria Hunter.
  • Justicar Lotharius and his agents have taken a very personal interest in her, bordering on obsession.
    • Interestingly, he was very noticeably absent from her Judicial Conclave...
  • After her attack on Kate Davidson at Midwinter 2012, some heard her snarl wordlessly, others could have sworn she hissed "stay away from him". No one is certain what prompted this...or who the "him" she was referencing could be. If she even said that at all.
  • After speaking to him privately at Midwinter 2012, Elias Beecher, previously thought dead in the battle the prior evening, was seen to have been talking to her very seriously, before concluding the conversation by standing on his tiptoes and kissing her on the cheek.
  • For someone who supposedly hates women, she sure does seem to enjoy the company of Isabella Visconti. Maybe a little too much.
  • Something in the past few months has taken her attention so much she's canceled Court repeatedly.
  • Started a charity in Indonesia where poor orphan children learn valuable job skills making knock-off Christian Louboutins
  • More than a few Brujah women have taken to wearing anklebreaker heels as a point of fashion when visiting her Court. She approves of this and often praises their taste in shoes.
  • Was 'motorboated' by Mallory Jones at the Grand Gathering in Berkeley in May, because she "just couldn't help it, I mean, look at those things!"
  • Was named as one half of the Brujah Power Couple of the Year along with this guy.
    • Don't you mean 3/4's of the Brujah Power Couple of the Year? I might it's only this guy
  • Was one of the last people seen talking to Elias Beecher before he mysteriously disappeared at the Grand Elysium in Columbus, 2012. She looked deeply uncomfortable during the course of their brief conversation.
  • Keeps a Tremere in her Domain that looks oddly similar to Philip Walkin
  • Has admitted to "trading sexual favors for goods" in public.
  • In the announcement of the results of her Judicial Conclave, she was the only one whose charges were not publicly elaborated upon.
    • Some say this is because a certain bargain was made...
      • Others think there's an even deeper, darker reason than that.