Julia Nevermore

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Clan Malkavian
Position Seneschal
Status 3+3
Domain Middle Georgia, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 00
Player Player Name


Julia Nevermore.jpg

Alias(es): none known

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: late 20s, early 30s


Physical description: She is a petite woman with a curvy figure and an ivory complexion. She has dark blond hair, which she typically wears in a bun or twist secured with hair sticks. She wears glasses and tends to dress in black with touches of red.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Sebastian Marconius, Prince of Kenosha
Loyal by Joshua Klein, Primogen
Shrewd by Spook, Prince of Middle Georgia
Cherished, Esteemed, and Trusted

Character Information

Known History

Julia Nevermore was Acknowledged in late 2011. At the request of her sire, she left the Domain of Kenosha shortly afterward to find a home where she could build her own political career. She chose Atlanta because it had one of the longest sitting Princes in North America. She attended gatherings regularly until mid 2012, when the Court of Atlanta ordered its citizens to use extreme caution to avoid the notice of Hunters. She seemed to take the warning seriously, as she disappeared for years. She was not seen again until the end of 2019, when she began attending Gatherings in Middle Georgia.


The Camarilla.



The enemies of the Camarilla.


Jordan Nevermore





Character Inspirations



"It sounds like he needs to be moved into a more permanent state of death."

"You can't lie? Do you mean you are bad at it, or do you have a mental defect?"

"Yes, it's good to know all the likely theories, but to start can we focus on the known facts and actionable pieces of information?"


  • She is not obviously insane.
  • She's a pyromaniac.