Juan Pablo Malatesta

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Clan Brujah
Position ???
Status 3
Domain Paraíba, PB/Brazil
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Vinicius


Juan Pablo Malatesta



Real Name:

Juan Pablo Malatesta

Apparent Age:

Early thirty years

Por volta dos 30 anos.


A Brujah Idealist, a radical left wing intellectual leader .

Um Brujah idealista, um líder intelectual de esquerda radical.

Physical description:

Detailed Status:

-Acknowledged (Vasilli Ivanov Prince of Yekaterinburg, Russia)

-Feared (Annya former Prince of Mogi das Cruzes, 2012)

-Trustworthy (Otto Brown Primogen of Paraíba, 2013)

Character Information



Theo Bell*

Character Inspirations

Sub.Comander Marcos
Sub. Comandante Marcos - Exercito Zapatista de Libertação Nacional.[1]


Spanish civil war
1917 Revolution.jpeg

-A las barriadas.

-Bandiera Rossa.

-Internacional Comunista.


- He was part of the great council Brujah in Russia after the 1917 revolution.

- He fought in the Spanish Revolution

- He is a former anarchist

- he has a very idealistic and unorthodox vision about the Camarilla

- He has good relations with the house Gangrel.

- He has good relationship with the Anarchist Movement. He actively participated in the dialogues that resulted in the "Treaty of Desterro", a document that seal the alliance between the Principality of Florianopolis and Laguna with the Free State Tubarão. He was present at the signing of the treaty an was the responsible for making this act a public event.