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'''Detailed Status: <br>'''<br>
'''Detailed Status: <br>'''<br>
Acknowledged by Prince [[Virgil Deems]]
Acknowledged by [[Virgil Deems]], Prince of San Francisco, CA.
<h2>Character Information</h2>
<h2>Character Information</h2>

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 1
Domain San Francisco, CA
Coterie None
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 0000
Player Bryan H.


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Alias(es): None known.
Real Name: Undisclosed.
Apparent Age: Late twenties to early thirties.

Concept: Environmental Lawyer

Physical description: Joshua never lost the habit of breathing, blushing or blinking. He's deceptively human-looking. He carries himself with poise and confidence, his schooling and breeding obvious. He's about 5'9", brown hair, brown eyes and in average shape. He tends to dress in business casual at the minimum.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged by Virgil Deems, Prince of San Francisco, CA.

Character Information

Known History





Jennica Sparrow


None disclosed.


Jeremiah Lee Sparrow

Character Inspirations



  • (Concerning courtship) "And wooing...that's...well, only people who grew up with proper guidance understand the need for that."


  • Joshua was poached from another clan as a ghoul.
  • His flight form is a vulture. Lawyers...it would figure.