Johnny "Spades" Malone

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Alias(es): Spades

Real Name: Johnny Malone

Apparent Age: 28


Physical description:

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Lady Anne of London
Feared by former Prince Cleo Rothschilde of Philadelphia
Loyal by former Prince Asleigh of Philadelphia
Loyal by former Prince Ian Nottingham of Philadelphia
Dedicated by former Prince Marshall Duran of Baltimore
Trustworthy by former Prince Adrian Florent of Baltimore
Feared by Position of Sheriff of Baltimore

Character Information

Known History: Card Shark. Ladies man. Warrior. Spades has been around the Mid-Atlantic "block" for a while. He's rarely seen without a deck of cards in his hands or a woman by his side. In late 2002, he charmed his way into the court of Philadelphia from London and was quickly made primogen for the Children of Haqim and then worked his way from Scourge to Sheriff. During his time in Philly, Spades wooed the women and made political moves to give future Children of Haqim respect in the city.

Around 2005, Spades moved to Baltimore to help the city politically and it's Sabbat problems. After a year, he went underground for reasons known only to him. In the late some of 2010, he resurfaced back in Baltimore claiming he spent his time catching up on the Harry Potter books. No one believed that but no one ever asked the real reasons why he was gone. Now, he's looking to pick up where he left off. Coterie


Rishi Massoud, Alabastor Haroukin, Lucas Grunwald, Tobias Truefeather, Bjorn, Jimbo Jones, "Razor" Eddie Ogle, Fiona MacGregor, Victoria DeLaNoche, Julius Cole, Evelyn Landrake, Vermilion, Sam Clarke, Lucas Morgan, David Fletcher, Henry Jones, Alana Lowery, Luther Rommel, Brian Kalo (deceased), Mei Lii (deceased), Iskander North (deceased)


Anyone Spades tends to piss off.


A man Spades only refers to as Mustafa.


None at this time.



Character Inspirations

James Bond, Gambit, John McClane, Mr. White


"Name of the Game" - The Crystal Method "Lucky Day" - Morphine "Ace of Spades" - Motorhead "Little Less Conversation" (remix) - Elvis vs. JXL "Luck be a Lady Tonight" - Frank Sinatra "Sex Machine" - James Brown "Poison 2002" - Beborn Beton "Rock the Cazbah" - The Clash "Lollipop Porn" - Crazy Town "The Sound of Silence" (remix) - E.C.O.H. "Absurd (Whitewash Edit" - Fluke "Switch On" - Paul Oakenfold "Hold me, Thrill me, Kiss me, Kill me" - U2 "Short Change Hero" - The Heavy "It's Going Down" - The Executioners (feat. Linkin Park)


"I don't cheat on women or at playing cards. Now death...that's a different story."
~ On cheating

"You know, I've got a built in silencer to help with that little noise problem of yours."
~ On stupid kindred

"Are you being a bad girl? Please tell me you're being a bad girl."
~ How Spades likes his women

"This guy seriously needs to catch a severe case of death."
~ On a Sabbat Pack Priest

"We can sneak away for a quickie. I GURANTEE no one will hear us."
~ On sex

"If this gathering gets any livelier, a funeral is gonna break out."
~ On boring Elysiums

"Excuse me. There's a tall beautiful glass of Brujah I need to talk to."
~ On seeing Razor Eddie for the first time.

"Everyone asks me what Assamite blood tastes like. I usually say it's kind of like a buffet. A little bit of everything in there."
~ Answering a truly difficult question

"I'm the loudest Assamite you'll ever meet. You can hear me through my own Silence."
~ On his personality

Tobias: "You know what that is?" Spades: "Yeah. Dinner."
~ Tobias Truefeather & Spades encounter an Assamite Anti Sorcerer

"I really wanna ask him 'What's in YOUR wallet'."
~ On clanmate Bjorn's viking nature