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Clan Toreador
Position Seneschal
Status 6 + 2
Domain Sheboygan, WI
Coterie None
Society ???
Path ??? -
Player Mike


Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 20

Concept: Jaded mass murderer, or sculptor.

Physical description:

Joachim is average height and build, with short, dark hair and several piercings. Usually found wearing a hooded sweatshirt or trenchcoat and smoking a cigarette.

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Loyal, Loyal, Fearless, Feared, Feared. Cherished and Esteemed as Seneschal of Sheboygan.

Character Information

Joachim is a Toreador from the domain of Sheboygan, and frequently seen in Milwaukee. Often suspected of being either a Brujah or Child of Haquim. Also suspected of being a member of the Dead Man's Hand. Current world record holder for "Biggest hole put in a Garou caern". Really doesn't like the term 'sandwich artist'. Also a master sculptor and swordsmith.


None known.


-Paul Lowe
-Gillian Morgan
-Marcus Giovanni
-Alex Giovanni
-Vega Giovanni
-Mike the Gangrel
-Antonio Salerno
-Shane Masters
-Katherine Zilthai
-Devin Zilthai
-Juno (deceased)
-Cassandra Sumner
-David Cooke
-MaeGun Swift
-Storm (deceased)
-Brie Atrocity (deceased)
-Morphine Atrocity
-Zphonco Davinovich


-Antonio Salerno
-Tym - (deceased)
-Shade - (deceased)
-Renee Descartes - (deceased)


None known

Character Inspirations

-The Killing Joke

-'Mad' Jack Churchill


-"Keine Lust" – Rammstein

-"Welcome to Planet Motherfucker" - White Zombie

-"Burn the Earth" - Dethklok

-"Dread and the Fugitive Mind" - Megadeth

-"The Game" – Motorhead

-"Mainstream" - Lights Out, God Help Me

-"Murder" - Berserk OST / Susumu Hirasawa

-"Shut me up" - Mindless Self Indulgence


"This gesture means 'bring him in for questioning' not 'decapitate him'." - Alex Smith

"I think that's . . . Fenris. He looks pissed." - Antonio Salerno

"Goddammit Joachim." - Antonio Salerno

"Is there a reason you are pistol whipping the Seneschal?" - Lord Archon Kurlein

"I have to do more paperwork because of you than the rest of the domain of Milwaukee put together." - Lord Archon Kurlein

"If anything makes Joachim laugh, it is a Bad Idea." - Katherine Zilthai

"Goddammit Joachim." - Juno

"He hasn't been caught being disloyal to the clan." - Susanna Angel LaRouge

"Goddammit Joachim." - Vega Giovanni

"You turned that Chuck E Cheese into a drive-thru. That was awesome." - Seth

"No, you can't have Shade's autograph." - Juno

"GodDAMMIT Joachim." - Alex Giovanni

"Can you 'not' shoot people in the face in front of Elysium?" - Fetus Kevorkian

"If you're stupid enough to ask an Assamite how they feel about being the house negroes of the Camarilla, go ahead." - Antonio Salerno

"Yes Joachim, you are completely capable of killing him. No one doubts that. Just don't do it right now." - Cassandra Sumner


  • Joachim is infernal
  • Joachim is a member of the Sabbat