Jimbo Johnson

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Clan Assamite
Position None
Status 3
Domain Baltimore, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Jim Gross


Jimbo Posing in his Trailer

Alias(es): Jimbo

Real Name: James Beauregard Johnson

Apparent Age: 29

Concept: Redneck Ninja

Physical description: Jimbo looks like your typical redneck favoring trucker hats, overalls, and t-shirts with the sleeves cut off.

Detailed Status: Joined the Sabbat

Character Information

Known History

I was working as a kung-fu movie star and stuntman in Hollywood 6 years or so ago when this dude comes up to me and my brother. He says he is a good vampire and he wants us to join up. We laughed in his face. He showed us some wild special effects but managed to convince us to let him take us to meet with his Children of Hack-eem to join some big assed vampire group.

Even though they were provisional members of this bunch of vampire yahoos, they still were treated like the uncle who looks at you funny and asks if you want a pony ride. And they weren’t helping themselves in this regard either. When you are known for being Billy bad-ass, and you’re trying to make friends, dressing like a reject from the Matrix and looming menacingly weren’t good choices. And so he came to us.

These vampires, I still couldn’t believe it at that point, wanted my brother and I, mostly him, to act as the new accessable face of the “Children of Hakim”. Someone not lurking in the shadows. I was darned if I was going to let Billy Ray go at it alone so we continued to listen to the nice man and his scary, scary friends. He was a bit condescending, as though he considered us like Ron Jeremy to his Leonardo DiCaprio…Sure, we are in the same business, film, but there’s a world of difference.

The negotiations went on into the shank of the evening, and by the end, he actually convinced us. I’d like to think we also managed to garner a little respect from him as well. The look was no longer smug condescension, but one you might share with your new sifu, or teacher. We sealed the deal and he said "Welcome to The Children of Hakim.” Then there was the whole teeth thing. And then we did die, but we got better, and it’s all gravy now







Billy Ray Johnson

Character Inspirations

Larry the Cable Guy meets Chuck Norris


David Allan Coe, Cletus T Judd, Toby Keith


Maybe you dun seen one of my movies..."Kung-Fu Vampires of the Mississippi Delta?" No? How about the trilogy? “Ninja Rednecks” “Ninja Rednecks 2: Mobile Home Massacare”, and “Ninja Rednecks 3: The Trailer Park Tornadoes"

"Hold my beer...I gotta try something"

"Well, heck, I always wanted to wrestle a gazelle."


Jimbo is Rumored to be able to contol raging Brujah. With Roundhouse kicks.

Jimbo is Rumored to have once wrestled down a gazelle by the horns and hog tied it with his belt like a rodeo star.

Rumored to have been embraced to become the friendly face of the Children of Haqim

Rumored to have spent time living with Elias Beecher to get books off high shelves for him

Rumored to have performed Shakespeare in the original redneck dialect

Jimbo may have joined the Sabbat

Jimbo's sire was Rishi Massoud