Jason Nyx

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Clan Malkavian
Position Primogen
Status 6
Domain Hartford, CT
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Dave N


Jason Nyx

Jason Nyx, The Moirai

Real Name: unknown

Apparent Age: Late twenties to early thirties

Concept: Fate, Street Prophet

Physical description:

Detailed Status:


Feared, by Prince Gold

Gutsy, by Thomas True, after the Battle of Hartford in 2013

Insightful, by former Prince Anya, at the Northeast Gala in 2013

Revered as Primogen

Spiritual, by Prince Jericho Phoenix, for his blessings in battle

Character Information

Known History

Jason Nyx first appeared as a follower of the Punk scene in New York during the 70's; he claimed to have been embraced at a Patti Smith show at CBGB in 1975, and was presented to Prince Michaela by his sire, a Victorian Malkavian spiritualist named Jibril Voyant. Manhattan was held by the Camarilla at the time, and Jason stayed there for many years, until the city's final fall to the Sabbat, when he fled to Las Vegas. After that, he spent nearly a decade wandering through both North America and Europe.

In May, 2013, Jason traveled to Hartford, Connecticut and requested Hospitality for 'a while.' He immediately began looking for 'a couch to crash on,' and paid a Trivial Boon (gained earlier that very night from the Tremere Primogen, Fredrick Gold) to Harpy London for a schedule of all the best parties in the city.

In September of 2013, he served as Prince Anya's Malkavian Lieutenant in the Battle of Hartford, where he was seen to tear the trunk off a car and use it as a shield, combined with an uprooted street sign for a spear. At the defense of the Capital building, he stood before Archbishop Rowlands and decried that it was not the Archbishop's fate to enter the building. When the Lasombra Archbishop persisted, Rowlands was visibly seen to suffer from a curse which withered his body into decrepitude, before he vanished into thin air.

In November of the same year, he traveled to Saint Louis to help Prince Jericho Phoenix battle the infernal forces which had been plaguing that city. During the political turmoil in Hartford following the disappearance of Anya, he was an early supporter of Jasper Abbott, and was been named Hartford's new Keeper of Elysium - a position he did not entirely seem to relish. Perhaps that had something to do with his decision to support the removal of Abbot - now, he sits on the Hartford Primogen Council under Prince Gold.



He seems to get on well with Biltmore, and the other Malkavians in New England, inlcuding: Alice, Grigori, and Vex. He was friends with Kammi before she was murdered by Tony Maietta.

Jayden Black

Jesse Clayborne

Thomas True


Nyx has not been exactly secret about his desire to take out Tony Maietta for his murder of Kammilla, the former Malkavian Primogen of Portland, Maine.


Jibril Voyant, childe of Malachi, childe of Pythia


Regina Grey


None known

Character Inspirations

Second Edition VTM Artwork


Patti Smith, The Ramones, Siouxie and the Banshees, punk in general, particularly anything from New York in the 70's


"Wisdom was a teapot; Pouring from above. Desolation angels Served it up with Love." - Patti Smith

"Though I will disappear To join the street parade Disappear and fade Into the street parade." - Joe Strummer


Jason is a Brujah Anarch pretending to be a Camarillan Malkavian. Just look at the jacket.

Jason defeated an Assamite Elder in a game of Chess, using Kindred as pieces.

Nyx was once blinded by the Sun God, Apollo, as the price for his prophetic knowledge. He got better.

Jason dared a local Gangrel to streak naked through a Brujah Rant during a game of Truth or Dare.

When Assamite Sebastian Han used Total Insanity during a Pracis Seizure, Nyx immediately threw him into the Shadowlands and began beating his ass with an invisible sword. It took half a dozen people to stop the fight. Can you imagine how embarrassed that Assamite is?

Nyx spends way too much time among the Fae.