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Clan Nosferatu
Position None
Status 6
Domain Washington, DC
Coterie Senati Cordati
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player larrywile@gmail.com


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Alias(es): Old Man, Elder Jamal

Real Name: Julius Amalius

Apparent Age: 65

Concept: Lore Keeper

Physical description: While masked, Jamal appears as an old Italian gentleman with short white hair. Without his mask, Jamal appears to be a living mummy, dessicated except for his moist blue eyes and strangely perfectly white teeth.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged, Revered, Respected, Respected, Wise, Cherished

Character Information

Known History

Resurfaced after twenty years in the late 1990s. Helped force the Kindred of Southern Maryland into joining the Camarilla by threatening to blow up the building in which they were meeting. Often working behind the scenes within the MidAtlantic, was instrumental in resecuring Washington, DC, for the Camarilla. Steadfastly refuses to accept the throne of any domain, believing that is the fastest way to Final Death. Worked briefly for the offices of His Unseen Excellency, Justicar Igor Ctarinov, before retiring back under Washington, DC, where he resides to this day.


Senati Cordati



Former Justicar Malaphar of Clan Tremere


Tirol of Rome


1. Henry Nelson (deceased)
2. Cameron Mansfield (deceased)
3. Paige Vanderbilt (deceased)
4. Julius Jamal (deceased)
5. Dominique de Montange
6. Porbeagle


None Known

Character Inspirations


1. Dirty Laundry by Don Henley


Humble Jamal has no interest in politics.