Jakob Harris

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Clan Malkavian
Position Prince
Status 6
Domain St. Louis, MO
Coterie TKC
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player TheSTeve


Harris on a good night!


Real Name: Jakob Harris

Apparent Age: Mid 20's

Concept: Crazy Taxi Driver

Physical description: His mug shots show him at 6 feet, around 180 pounds. He is a unkempt young man, usually with a scruffy beard and hair that styles itself. He is always adorned with his "work shirt" and its many patches and metals of honor/memory.

Detailed Status: Acknowledge by former Prince Gains of St. Louis
Feared by former Prince Richtor of St. Louis
Ambitious by Primogen Rominoff
Well Known

Character Information

Known History

With his abrupt arrival around 2004 in St. Louis Jakob has always been a loner. Even when his clan reached out to him a great many times he has always pulled away and with drawn into solitude; Until 3 years ago.

No one is sure what he did during his self imposed vacation, but he was seen once in Carbondale, Illinois. Where he cause quite an issue with the Sheriff of the area "The Canuck". Ultimately resulting in him getting shipped back to St. Louis with first rate postage.

When Jakob returned to polite kindred society, he still brought with him an air of the unnatural, as well as a regular hysteria. He has slowly proven himself useful in any manner of situations and as such he has slowly risen through the ranks of the city that he calls home.


Tryst, Soldier, CrackerSnatch (defected to the Sabbat) , Lan Blackwood (Destroyed for Infernal Dealings)


Salem Iben Rashid (Deceased), Raka (Deceased), Saul Good (deceased), Daniel Valerius, The Canuck, he regularly offends most sensible kindred so most likely a lot more...


He thinks her name was Jessica


Autumn Harris as well as a few others (total unknown)

Character Inspirations

De Niro in Taxi Driver


He NEVER listens to recorded music.


"I can get you anywhere in the city in 5 minutes"
"I have awesome Psychic powers!"
"Your WRONG!"

About Harris:

"Where did that infernal loon get too!"


He will never leave the immediate area of St. Louis, because he is "tied" to HIS city.
He was spared by Saul Good during an investigation into Harris' infernal nature.
He can really get you anywhere in the city in 4 minutes.
He is the best bowler in the city of St. Louis.
He can drive any vehicle.
He is in fact not a Malkavian, but an insane Brujah.