Jacob Black

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Clan Malkavian
Position Archon
Status 6+2+1 (Reputation)
Domain Cardiff, Wales
Coterie The Malkavian Office
Society {{{Society}}}
Path Humanity 00
Player [1]


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Jacob Black, Black

Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: 28

Concept: Director

Physical description: Black is about 6'3" tall, but is only about 180 lbs. He is lanky, but wears clothing that hides it well. He is almost always wearing a button down shirt and jeans or slacks depending on the occasion. He wears a long black p-coat which goes to below his knees and black shoes which are nice enough for dress but practical enough for running. Dark sunglasses cover his eyes most of the time, even in doors, but when his eyes can be seen, they are an unusually bright blue color. Though not so unusual to warrant a masquerade breach, the bright blue eyes against such pale skin does cause an unwelcomed amount of attention and, perhaps, a sense that something isn't quite right.

Distinguishing marks include only a knife wound ear to ear, but those seeing Black in public or only on occasion will not have noticed it. Only those seeing him regularly know he heals the wound nightly.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged
  • Influential (by former Prince Rosco Gordon of the Lehigh Valley)
  • Loyal (by former Prince Michael Durken of Cincinnati)
  • Resourceful (by Justicar Maris Streck)
  • Respected (by former Prince Jonathan Rutgers of Cincinnati)
  • Trustworthy
  • Empowered (Positional)
  • Feared (Positional)
  • Reputation (Political Tactician)

Known History

2004-2005 - Served as Scourge of the Lehigh Valley from 2004.

2005 - Served as Harpy for 1 month following his tenure as Scourge.

2005-2007 - Served as Primogen from 2005-2008 and as an envoy from the Lehigh Valley to Domains in the MidAtlantic and Midwest.

2006-2007 - Acted as a Servire under Archon Aetius, Archon Pompeii, Archon Lazarion, and Archon Sariel Sefirot; Black made it clear to each that his goal was to be named an Archon.

2007 - After Maris Streck was named Justicar, Black began work under Arcon Jessica Kesch.

2007 August - Black was appointed Archon during the Nonclave of 2007.

Demeanor, Personality, and Abilities

Black's demeanor changes based on the situation. He switching from quiet and brooding to the life of the party with relative ease. No matter what his outward appearance, some things remain the same about his behavior; he always sits with his back facing the wall and his eyes on the room. His eyes, beneath his dark glasses buzz around constantly even while speaking to another, perhaps as a means of ensuring he is aware of his surroundings. He is a mix of cavalier bravado and meticulous caution.

Black is known for his political abilities. He handles politics the way others handle war or hand to hand combat; it is all about tactics. He trades information for prestation debts. He trades services for prestation debts. He has been rumored to trade in services that walk the line of Camarilla legality, all for prestation debts. Some believe he purchased his position as Archon using many of these debts, though if it is true, it is fitting given his employer. He has consulted for multiple Princes, Primogen, Sheriffs and Keepers and even a Harpy or two all on various issues of Camarilla law and political advice, though he never speaks to anyone about specifics and is even wary of sharing with whom he has done work in the past.

Beyond the obvious political abilities that Black displays, Black is a skilled interrogator, often choosing to use psychological tools above those of the blood. He is versed in military tactics, though less so than some of his fellow Archons. His fighting abilities are somewhat unknown as he tends to avoid the front lines if at all possible. When he does fight, he tends to do so from range using a long range rifle with a scope. If forced into hand to hand combat, Black uses a set of warded knives that he wields seamlessly in combat.


Though not a member of a named coterie, Black spent much of the last several years working closely with former Archon Rosco Gordon, whom was Black's Prince prior to their being named Archons. Gordon vansihed a few years ago and Black hasn't seen him since.

Black also spends a lot of his time with Kurran DeSylvia.


Kurran DeSylvia
Johnathan Gwynn
Prince Kelly of the Other Worldly Nine
Rosco Gordon
Kavia Black
Jack Sebastien
Paul Walker
Jessica Kesch


No known enemies. Lots of people don't like Black. Few would go so far to try to kill him.


Reginald White-Eyes, deceased


Corinne Black
Joseph Black



Character Inspirations



From Zio! to Katja Nothing: "You know the guy I work for, right? Jacob Black? Did you know he's crazy? Not, like, 'ha,ha I'm a Malkavian crazy'. I mean he's CRAZY. He will end you and forget he did it seconds later. I fear very few things. I fear Jacob Black. And I'm one of his FRIENDS."

"You think you see and in your own way, I suppose you do. We just see more. We just know more. We don't know everything, we just know everything the other clans can never even hope to know. And in this case, we certainly know more than you."


Black has strong ties with non-rank and file members of the Sabbat.
Black isn't as humane as he'd like others to think.
The path Black is on isn't the one others think he is.
Black is a sadist.
Black plays with his cards more than a "sane" person would like to think.
He isn't really a Brujah.
Black isn't a true member of clan Malkavian, but he was adopted by the clan for a purpose.
Black doesn't remember anything prior to about 2001.
Black has pretends to be married to Lady Black for fear of his unlife.
Black is a Setite Apostate.