Jackie Gifford

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Clan Malkavian
Position None
Status 5
Domain None
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0
Player Katie Goldrich


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Alias(es): Jacklyn Marie, Jackie Logan Heartsblood Jones Gywnn Jimmyjack, Tiny, Gungirl

Real Name: Jackie

Apparent Age: 14

Concept: The "perfect child", Child prophetic, Speaker for the dead

Physical description: Small for even her young age, just barely 5'0", black hair and wide brown eyes. Always has on her a bouncy ball or something to keep her hands occupied. Speaks in the voice of a young child. Tends toward goth/punk clothing, but mostly wears what's comfortable.

Detailed Status:
Acknowledged by Former Prince Jacen Pompeii of Philidelphia, PA
Insightful by Kellyn of Allentown, PA
Feared by Marquis Henry Jones of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania
Dauntless by Former Prince Luther Rommell of Philadelphia, PA
Gifted by Primogen Sheniver Du Bois of Washington DC

Character Information

Known History

Showed up in Philadelphia over six years ago, rather vocal about being a new embrace. After a few months, she left the city due to a falling out with her clanmates there. Jackie moved to the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania and remained there for a long while. Was both Harpy of the Lehigh Valley (9 months) and Sheriff of the Lehigh Valley (4 months) but quit both. For reasons unknown, she left the Lehigh Valley and now resides in Annapolis, MD with her menagerie of animal ghouls and adopted ghoul brother, Aaron. Accepted the position of Primogen in Annapolis, MD in January of 2011. Left Annapolis very soon after to return to Lehigh Valley to assist in wraith issues, and took position of Scourge. Was removed from the position by Marquis Jones, and banished from the domain.

Known for always trying to help wraiths and spirits (or help deal with the bad ones), having an affinity to both that goes beyond where most people's natural abilities lie.

Always willing to help, she enjoys looking into her visions, sometimes at the cost of her own health.

Dislikes Setites due to her mortal upbringing being one of a Setite experiment to create the "perfect child".


No known coterie.


Acquaintance to many, friend to some, but ally to few...
Jeice, Piscin, Rishi Massoud




Doesn't know her sire. Jokes about being a "run-by" embrace.


No known childer.


No known broodmate.

Character Inspirations

Claudia - Interview with a Vampire
Princess Hinoto - X


"Little Sister" by Jewel
"Blood" by My Chemical Romance (secret track)
"I'm Just a Girl" by No Doubt


"Rather useful, as long as the task keeps her attention she does whatever is put before her very well."

"She's unstable and sometimes a bitch but thats just her."

"Handle her with kid gloves and expect her to go off the deep end now and then. When she does, don't worry, she'll swing back."


- At the Grand Ball in New Orleans, was seen interacting heavily with Aristotle De Laurent and associating with Hesha and Baron Samedi.
- Piscin and Jackie are really the same Kindred.
- Diablerist without being granted Right of Amaranth.
- Renounced the Camarilla when it was clear that Prince Kelley and Adrian Florent could not protect her any longer.
- Has blood bound several individuals to herself.
- Is missed.