Isaac Lazarion

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Clan Tremere
Position None
Status 6
Domain Havana, Cuba
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path ??? ???
Player Derek Howard


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Real Name: Unknown

Apparent Age: late 20s

Concept: The Good Son

Physical description: Isaac stands just shy of six feet tall with close cropped brown hair. He is most often seen wearing a black cassock with heavy leather boots and no adornments. The unremarkableness of his face would make him a generally forgettable individual if it not for the ever present stare and lack of emotion. It's like you are a goldfish, and he is just watching you swim...

Detailed Status:

Acknowledged, Bold, Dedicated, Knowledgeable, Loyal, Vigilant

(Tremere Only: Regent of the First Circle serving Lord Lewis, House High Saturday)

Character Information

Known History

Isaac recently re-emerged from obscurity having been embraced by Selene in the late '90s as a former ghoul poached from rival Tremere Alexander Barthram.

He was caught in a scandal having killed an Assamite in St. Louis, MO and fled to Memphis for a time. He then spent some time as the Sheriff of Memphis then as the Seneschal under Prince Rose.

Though he has not made a public apperance in over a year, it is rumored that he now resides in Cuba.


  • House Lazarion





  • None known.



Broodmates, deceased

Character Inspirations




  • He is a remarkable pianist of great skill.
  • Isaac is actually Selene's favorite childe because he lacks the weaknesses of Humanity.
  • He has a dark past neither of them publicly speak of.
  • He puts his family over his loyalty to the Sect.
  • Selene actually poached Isaac from the Tzimisce.
  • Selene staged an 'assassination' of Tremere rival Alexander Barthram by 'Assamites' so she could poach Isaac from him.
  • He will kill anyone that touches a Lazarion.
  • He will kill anyone that THINKS about touching a Lazarion.
  • He is often seen with Jon-Apolo de Soult, leading others to speculate as to the nature of their relationship.
  • He gave Selene his heart...literally.