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Helpful Files

Please help edit this page. It could use alot of love and assistance. Any and all helpful Camarilla files should go here.

OWbN Princes Spreadsheet - Google Doc

Schismatic Rank Submission Form

Assamite Sorcery Submission Form

Nosferatu Prestige Data Log

The Silk Road: Assamite project

Fame list related by Rob, tpo Niko Athanasius

Fame list form

Ventrue Storyteller's Guide

Bylaws page

Helpful Links

Links to Clan websites/pages/email lists. Any links that would be helpful to Camarilla players can go here.

OWBN Clan Sites
Clan Assamite
Clan Giovanni
Clan Ventrue
Clan Toreador
Clan Tremere

Other Useful OWbN Sites
Ventrue Wiki
Admissions to OWBN, Good to spread among friends. Make them join!
Anarchs of OWbN Wiki
Night ... Falls Northern Virginia chronicle The "OWBN Hour of Power!" podcast

OWbN Message Boards
OWBN Seers list, A list to enable characters of all Sects and Clans with Oracular Ability and similar merits to receive visions from STs and Coords in the OWBN universe.

Non OWbN Sites
Custom LARP Badge

Clan Email Lists

  • Ventrue

  • Tremere

Chronicle in character lists

Columbus in Darkness (Columbus Ohio) in character list:

Jerusalem by Night IC list