Helen Highwater

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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 1
Domain Annapolis, MD
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Harmony 000
Player LA Reger


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Real Name: She's never told anyone.

Apparent Age: 20-ish

Concept: Hopi Kachina Cultist Trickster

Physical description: A beautiful, if slightly creepy, Hopi woman.

Detailed Status: Acknowledged by Sovereign Prince Rook of Annapolis on 10/08/16

Character Information

Known History

Helen first arrived in the Mid-Atlantic in Washington DC, sent to look for her broodmate, Corvid. She stuck around for a while, but didn't really fit well in the very formal Camarilla Domain, and moved about the area for a while before disappearing for a couple of years. She had been struggling with maintaining her Humanity, and most assumed she just wandered off to "find herself."

She returned a couple of years later, settling in Baltimore, and now walking the Path of Harmony. She constantly fought for its recognition as an acceptable Path and spoke quite loudly against the Sabbat who sought to seek out and kill all Harmonists. She came and went from the public eye, rarely getting involved in politics, maintaining herself as a lone Independent.

Eventually, she assisted now Prince Asher Greggorsen with his Praxis of Washington DC, and split her time between Baltimore and DC for a while. Until she just kind of wandered off again.

She has always been outspoken about the Sabbat, and viewed them as enemies. Out of seemingly nowhere, she, and two of her independent Gangrel allies, Yellow Eyed Jack and his childer, Kyrie, were Acknowledged into the Camarilla by Sovereign Prince Rook of Annapolis in the fall of 2016. Not long after, all three of them disappeared and no one has heard from them since.



Yellow Eyed Jack
Asher Greggorsen


The Sabbat






Character Inspirations



"As far as I'm concerned, Harmony is more moral than Humanity. Nothing about your supposed precious Humanity prevents you from wholesale slaughtering animals."

"Independent does not mean neutrality."