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Clan Gangrel
Position None
Status 6-1+1
Domain Griffin, GA
Coterie None
Society ???
Path Humanity 0000
Player Axl


Angel the Fearless, Retainer

Alias(es): HACK!!!

Real Name: Who knows?

Apparent Age: 40 years

Concept: Redneck Kentucky Bootlegger become semi-famous Dog Trainer

Physical description: A six foot tall redneck with balding head and a trucker cap. Usually surrounded by animals of one type or another. His dress changes from day-to-day but usually will be a combination hunter and redneck farmer. Although never seen with a MAGA hat, his look almost cries out for one; if he were just a bit smarter. Double-barrel shotgun included.

Detailed Status:

  • Acknowledged, by the word of Alexander Vagross, St. Louis
  • Dutiful, by the word of Seneschal Vaan Sliel, Griffin Georgia
  • Honorable, by the word of Primogen Talon, Griffin Georgia
  • Loyal, by the word of Prince Vito de Prio d'Amico Inguanez Drago, Peoria Illinois
  • Vigilant, by the word of Primogen Leslie Malcolm, Athens Georgia
  • Driven, by the word of Karsh
  • Revered as Primogen of Clan Gangrel in Griffin Georgia

(Infamous Sire, Camarilla / Prestigious Sire, Anarch)

Character Information


Known History

HACK has been around forever though because he is not overly social is not well-known. He first arrived from the mid-west sometime in the summer of 2012. First appearing in Athens, Georgia, and then moving around a lot visiting a ton of places.

HACK does not care for Camarilla politics too much though he has been Primogen for the Gangrel once or twice. He usually only participates because someone else asks him to and even then only for a short time.

HACK was asked to leave Athens, Georgia twice. Prince Seth asked him to leave after he told Prince Seth he was a coward. Prince Seth stripped him of status, told him to leave and then Seth surrendered his throne the next month rather than be destroyed by the next Prince. The next Prince allowed HACK to return, but after low social turnout and having a beer or two with passing Anarchs refused to provide Hospitality when HACK returned to become social again. HACK left Athens Georgia again, knowing he was not welcome there.

It is believed that HACK currently lives in the areas around Griffin Georgia.


Do his dogs counts?


Yes, his dogs counts.



Walter Concord (Infamous Anarch)



Several. His sire was very prolific.

Character Inspirations

Rednecks who play banjos.


Dueling Banjos
She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy
Anything by Willie Nelson




  • Hack is a Follower of Set, because of course he is.