Gustav Saric

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Clan Ghoul
Position None
Status 0
Domain Springfield, IL
Coterie ???
Society ???
Path Humanity 000
Player Dan Brackmann


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Alias(es): None Known

Real Name: Gustav Saric?

Apparent Age: 50ish

Concept: Graverobbing Doctor

Physical description: Saric is a stout, bespectacled man with Serbo-Croatian features, dark hair combed back, and long, pale, delicate hands. Usually dressed as the occasion seems to demand, from formal attire to casual to black tactical attire. Whatever he chooses to wear, it usually has many pockets which appear to be filled and is often slightly rumpled or soiled. His emerald eyes often flash with unspoken sarcastic amusement or barely contained curiosity.

Detailed Status: Prestigious Regnant

Character Information

  • June 12, 2009 -- First appearance in East St. Louis accompanying Prince Theadora Carlisle of Madison & St. Clair Counties.
  • September, 2009 -- Theadora Carlisle moves to Peoria, leaving Saric behind. Saric becomes a retainer of Primogen Desmond Lockhardt.
  • January, 2010 -- Saric sent to Ghoul Academy for a year.
  • October 2010 -- Desmond Lockhardt becomes Prince Desmond of Springfield.
  • January 22, 2011 -- Surfaces in Springfield accompanying Prince Desmond of Springfield.

Known History

Kindred society at large first encountered Gustav Sairc in June of 2009, in the Domain of Madison and St. Clair Counties, Illinois, also called Edwardsville or East St. Louis, depending on the Prince's whim. At the time, Saric accompanied Prince Theadora Carlisle and assisted her with aspects of modern technology. For several months he was seen primarily in the company of Theadora Carlisle or her Seneschal, Emily "M.J." Jackson. When Theadora Carlisle suddenly moved to Peoria, she left Saric behind, in the possession of the Brujah Primogen, Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt, Emily "M.J." Jackson's sire. For a time, Saric traveled with Dizzy on visits to Springfield, the seat of Prince Verity Valerious. Then in January of 2010, he abruptly vanished from the public eye.

Saric resurfaced in January, 2011, in the Domain of Springfield accompanying Dizzy was now Prince Desmond Lockhardt. Saric remains associated with Dizzy and Emily "M.J." Jackson, making occasional appearances with them in Springfield.

Often reserved at first, Saric can be quite conversational once he warms up to someone and determines they won't kill a ghoul for daring to speak to a Kindred. He has intimated at various times to his family being refugees from Yugoslavia after World War II who settled in Sweden, the country of Saric's birth. He has a wide range of scholarly interests, especially in sciences, and has made reference to having had some medical training back in Sweden. However, his professed credentials are in the field of Library Science.

Saric frequently seems surprised by aspects of vampire society, though whether it is horror or fascination is up for debate. Once he has decided that someone is "safe", he is likely to ask them periodic questions about the things he sees and does not completely understand. He has obviously heard about the Sabbat because he knows that they 1) hate ghouls and 2) are monstrous. Accordingly he seems to fear them greatly.


Initially Saric was seen in the company of Prince Theadora Carlisle who claimed him as her ghoul. Association with Prince Theodora brought association with Emily "M.J." Jackson, Prince Theadora's Seneschal. When Theadora abdicated and moved to Peoria, Saric stayed behind under the claim of Primogen Desmond "Dizzy" Lockhardt, Emily "M.J." Jackson's sire. When Dizzy became Prince of Springfield, he seems to have taken Saric with him. Currently, Prince Desmond claims Saric.

Friends & Allies

Enemies & Nemeses

Ghouls aren't generally important enough to have enemies, and so far that is the case.

Character Inspirations

  • Bryan Mills from Taken
  • Walter Lloyd from Target
  • Dr. Bashir from Deep Space Nine


"In St. Louis, they took a ghoul who was slightly mouthy, sat him down, and killed him in front of an audience for entertainment." -- Saric explaining why he did not want to go to St. Louis.

"I was trained in Ghoul Academy."

"It's not so bad. I get to hang out with some of the coolest people who remember all kinds of historical stuff. The work is interesting. The salary is good. I get days off. I get free stuff. I even get dental benefits." -- Saric explaining what it was like being a ghoul.

"Tremere are friendly; I don't understand why everyone hates them."


  • He is a Brujah experiment in collective ghouling.
  • The Southern Illinois Brujah pass him around to avoid the "crime" of blood bonding him.
  • He attended a "Ghoul Academy" run by Desmond Lockhardt.
  • Really, who care enough about a ghoul to develop rumors?